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Fundraising Tips and Resources

Use these helpful hints to make your fundraising for the kids of St. Jude both successful and fun.

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You can reach your fundraising goals
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Kickstart your fundraising

Kickstart your fundraising

Show your committment by donating to your own fundraising goal. Your event registration fee helps put on the event — it's your fundraising that makes a difference to St. Jude kids. And every dollar counts!

Fundraising incentives

The more you raise, the more you earn!

See how you will be recognized for reaching certain fundraising levels.


Some tips to help make your fundraising successful:

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Share why you're fundraising 

Tell your story, and why you're fundraising for the kids of  St. Jude. Fundraisers with a personalized page raise 30% more money. 

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Create or join a team

Walk or run with friends and family, and raise money for the kids of St. Jude.

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Get the word out

Send emails and post your fundraising page to social media. You can also create a Facebook Fundraiser.


Here are tips for telling your story


Add a profile photo and customize your URL

Update your fundraising link with an easy-to-remember URL.


Share your inspiration!

Share why you're inspired to fundraise for the kids. Here are examples of what each dollar can do.


Update regularly

Your  motivation to hit your goal will inspire others.


Create a team, or join an existing team


Recruit your team

Encourage friends, family and coworkers to join your team.


Set your team goals

Log in to the fundraising center, and customize your team fundraising page.


Share your progress

Make it a competition between team members to see who can raise more.


Send emails, and get social!


Make it personal

People are more likely to donate if they know why St. Jude is so important to you.


Send a follow-up

Some people simply need a reminder. Don't be afraid to follow-up with another email.


Ask with every email

Link to your  fundraising page from the email signature on your personal email account.


Print these guides for more info on fundraising for St. Jude

You can also print the Team Fundrasing Credit Form

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Share your fundraising story on your social media pages to encourage your friends and followers to donate

  1. When sharing about your St. Jude Walk/Run fundraising on social media, always include a link to your personal fundraising page so friends can donate easily or join your team.

  2. Tag @StJude and use the hashtag #StJudeWalkRun when posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You could even be featured on our social media pages!

  3.  Keep your fundraising efforts on everyone's mind by sharing how much money you have raised towards your goal. The more frequently you post, the more people you will reach!

  4. Tag your friends in a post and challenge them to be the next to donate.

  5. Thank your donors or welcome new team members by tagging them in your status.

  6. Reach your goal faster, and connect your fundraising efforts to Facebook.. The money you raise on Facebook will count to your goal if you connect your social media account from your Fundraising Center.

 Use our sample Facebook and Twitter posts below as a reference:

    • Join me for the St. Jude Walk/Run on September [date]. You can support my efforts for the kids of St. Jude by donating at [insert page URL]. #StJudeWalkRun
    • I'm raising money for @St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and participating in the St. Jude Walk/Run. You can support my efforts for the kids of St. Jude by donating at [insert page URL]. #StJudeWalkRun
    • Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for anything. Join me in supporting this great cause by donating to my goal for the #StJudeWalkRun at [insert page URL].
    • Thank you @DonorName for supporting my fundraising goal for the St. Jude Walk/Run. Who will be next to help the kids of St. Jude[insert page URL]
    • Walk with me! Join me for the St. Jude Walk/Run. Together, we can raise money to support the kids of @St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. [insert page URL]
    • Join me for the #StJudeWalkRun on September [date]. Register today or visit my fundraising link to donate to @StJude [insert page URL].
    • I'm raising money for @StJude. You can support the kids of St. Jude by donating at [insert page URL] #StJudeWalkRun
    • I support @StJude because families never receive a bill from St. Jude for anything. #StJudeWalkRun
    • Thank you @DonorName for supporting me with a donation to @St. Jude for #StJudeWalkRun. Who's next?
    • Walk with me! Join me for #StJudeWalkRun and raise money for the kids of @StJude.


You're on your to way to successfully fundraising for the kids of St. Jude.

By fundraising for the St. Jude Walk/Run, you help ensure that families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food — because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.