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Ride Details and Distances

Safety is our number one priority.  Please review the information below before rolling out with us:

Ride Information

  • The minimum age to ride is 18.
  • There is NO fundraising minimum, but is encouraged. If you raise $500 then you qualify to receive a St. Jude branded cycling jersey.
  • We ride rain or shine. In the event of lightning or other dangerous conditions, we will delay the event until conditions improve.
  • Helmets must be worn at all times- no exceptions.
  • The route is not closed to traffic, so cyclists need to exercise caution at all times and obey all rules of the road. Route information will be posted soon.
  • Each cyclist is also responsible for verifying that the intersection is clear before riding through it.
  • Communicate well in advance with gestures and words when passing, stopping, slowing, car back, gravel, tracks, etc.
  • Be visible, day and night. Use plenty of lights and reflectors and wear bright clothing.
  • Carry your phone with emergency information available.
    • Your wristband also has an emergency number to call for roadside assistance: (469) 213-7173.
  • Be prepared; hydration, nutrition and proper bicycle tools.
  • This is a fun ride, not a race.

SAG vehicles

Support and Gear (SAG) vehicles provide transportation to riders in need.  These vehicles will not stop to make bike repairs, but they can transport cyclist to the next rest stop. SAG vehicles only move a cyclist forward along the route.

To signal a SAG vehicle driver, follow these steps:

  • Move safely all the way off the road and well out of the path of other riders.
  • Stand near your bike.
  • Remove your helmet and wave it at the SAG vehicle.

SAG vehicles will pick you up, as room permits, and move you to the next rest stop. 

Bike Medics

These trained, professional medical personnel ride the route, and are available to help all participants. Each rest stop is also fully equipped with first aid and basic medical supplies.


The North Texas Bicycle Rally offers three separate distance rides – 20 miles, 40 miles, and 50 miles. These distances are approximates and may slightly vary based on course routes. The official routes will be available closer to race day.

You can select which distance you would like to participate in by clicking the Register button below.

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