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What to do with unwanted gift cards

Have some unwanted gift cards lying around? Turn those partially used and unused gift cards into a donation for St. Jude through CardCash and help us give hope to St. Jude kids.

Donate Unused Gift Cards

St. Jude patient Capri

St. Jude patient Capri with her dad


How to donate gift cards

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Step 1

Visit to see which merchants are eligible and input your information.

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Step 2

Enter the merchant’s name, your unused gift card number, PIN and basic information.

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Step 3

Complete your gift card donation to St. Jude and receive an acknowledgment.

Patient Capri, smiling and with blonde hair, holds a framed photo of a picture of her while undergoing cancer treament

St. Jude patient Capri with photo of herself during cancer treatment.


Why donate your unused gift cards?

Unused gift cards can take up unnecessary space in your wallet and even feel like they’re being wasted. When you’re wondering what to do with unwanted gift cards, donating them is a great option. Not only can you eliminate the burden of carrying them around, but you can support a great cause.

Rather than continue to let them go unspent, consider donating them to St. Jude through Cardcash and turn them into a monetary donation to support kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.


Gift card donations FAQ

  1. Each brand operates differently, but when you input your gift card information into CardCash, you will receive an offer and can decide if you’d like to donate the amount or retain your gift card. 

  2. Your gift card donation will go to St. Jude as soon as you complete the donation process!

  3. Yes. Simply click the “Add Another Card” link and add as many cards as you’d like. 

  4. Yes. CardCash accepts gift cards with any balance.

  5. No. Gift cards with an expiration date can’t be donated at this time. 

Patient Capri, looking happy with long blonde hair and holding her arms outstretched

St. Jude patient Capri


Why support St. Jude?

Not only does St. Jude conduct groundbreaking research into childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases, but we ensure that families never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food while they’re in our care.

When you donate gift cards to St. Jude, you’re helping us work toward a cure for childhood cancer and save the lives of children around the world.

Donate Gift Cards Become a Monthly Donor


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