Become a Halloween partner

Join us, and help end childhood cancer. 

St. Jude Pinup decorated business

During the month of October, support the lifesaving mission of St. Jude by offering your customers the opportunity to donate $1 to St. Jude. Employees ask guests to donate, and in exchange, customers sign a Halloween themed pinup which is displayed in store.

To become a partner today, email, or call (800) 877-5833

Your help is so important. Every dollar makes a difference.

St. Jude Halloween
  • 3 pinups = pediatric isolation mask to help protect patients with compromised immune systems
  • 7 pinups = a medical teaching doll to help patients understand medical procedures
  • 10 pinups = a new toy for hospital play areas at St. Jude housing facilities
  • 22 pinups = rehabilitation weights to help improve patients’ quality of life
  • 30 pinups = meals for one day for a St. Judefamily in Kay Kafe, the St. Jude cafeteria
  • 100 pinups = a pair of pediatric crutches sized especially for children
  • 260 pinups = one red blood cell transfusion for a St. Jude patient