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St. Jude patient Ava smiles in an outdoor setting.

St. Jude patient Ava


JOANN has raised more than $6 million for St. Jude kids since joining our mission in 2017.

St. Jude patients selecting fabric to make blankets.
JOANN Fabric employees support St. Jude
JOANN Fabric employees support St. Jude

In October 2017, JOANN partnered with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. They began their first St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign on November 1, 2017, and raised over $186,000 through a donation request at the register and the "Make to Give" social/in-store campaign. JOANN expanded the campaign in their second year to include a 40% off coupon at the register when you donate to St. Jude.

The 2018 campaign raised $528,166 — a nearly 184% growth YOY. JOANN's 2019 campaign included a Kickoff Call with a St. Jude patient speaker, in-store engagement through St. Jude In-a-Box and Mobile VR No More Chemo Party, and incentives for top fundraisers. This campaign raised $664,155, bringing JOANN's total donation to St. Jude to over $1.3M since the partnership began.

In 2020, JOANN raised $901,680, and in 2021 they raised $1,821,625.60. Despite economic challenges, JOANN raised a record-breaking $2,163,371.31 during the 2022 campaign — the most they've ever raised for a charitable partner. JOANN also invited St. Jude contacts to their store in Sherman Oaks, California for an in-store event and check presentation with celebrity donor Vanna White.

JOANN continues to support St. Jude through donation asks at the point of sale, coin boxes at each register, and selling patient art fabric online for $14.99/yard, with $1.50 of each yard sold going to St. Jude. They also provide patient art fabric and other products to St. Jude PLAY LIVE influencers and patients within the new St. Jude Family Commons Makerspace. JOANN received the 2023 Thanks and Giving Partner of the Year Award at the July Volunteer Awards Dinner.


It's the passion and dedication of partners like JOANN that allow St. Jude to continue to lead the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

St. Jude patient Ay'den hugs and smiles at his mother.

St. Jude patient Ay'den and his mother


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