An educated gift


Donors Jim and Carol Di Lorenzo appreciate seeing their gift at work at St. Jude.

When Jim and Carol Di Lorenzo decided to become supporters of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital just a few years ago, they knew that establishing a charitable gift annuity was the best option for them.

The retired New Jersey teachers had read a lot about St. Jude and were impressed with what the hospital does for children. “Both of us being in education, children are important to us,” says Jim. “They are the future of the country.”

Carol recalls that when she was working as a high school guidance counselor, there was a student at the school battling cancer; he passed away a couple of months after his graduation. “He made an impression on everyone,” she says. “If St. Jude can continue its research, odds will be better that a kid like that can reach adulthood.”

The Di Lorenzos are pleased that they are able to make a contribution to St. Jude now. “When you give a CGA, you have the benefit of seeing how it works,” says Jim. “With a bequest, you may never have a chance to see [the difference you are making]. With a CGA, you can really see how your money is helping St. Jude. That is a big advantage of an annuity.”

Through his involvement in investment groups as a hobby and general charitable giving, Jim has worked with annuities for many years. 

The advantage to charitable gift annuities is it is 80 percent tax-free income, and 20 percent tax write-off. The way I see it, there’s nothing you can do bad.

The New Jersey couple retired 19 years ago from their teaching careers in the public school system; Jim taught math, Carol taught English in addition to her role as a guidance counselor. Since then, they have kept very busy.

In addition to his involvement in investment groups, Jim lectures on math and belongs to a science club. Carol is a master gardener who volunteers weekly at a gift shop that benefits a local children and family service organization. She is also the treasurer of an international women’s philanthropic organization.

Recently, the couple has had to cut back on their tennis and golf games, but they still enjoy traveling. They hope to be able to visit St. Jude in the near future, to see firsthand the difference their support is making in the lives of children battling cancer and other deadly diseases.