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Bernice Workman Webb is a retired high school English teacher in upstate New York. She keeps busy with church activities and clubs, and she especially enjoys writing the colorful stories of her life.

Bernice Workman Webb

Bernice Workman Webb

Q: What role does charity play in your life?

A: My mother always taught me to share what I had. I grew up on a farm and though we were never hungry, we certainly didn't have a lot. It is about being in a position to give; I'm really blessed to be able to do that. God blessed me and I'm glad to be able to bless someone else.

Q: How did you first become involved with St. Jude?

A: I had not known about St. Jude until relatively recently. When I learned about the children there, I knew I wanted to help.

Q: What does giving to St. Jude mean to you?

A: Giving to St. Jude means a great deal to me. It means I have helped someone and made their life better. It's a wonderful feeling. I enjoy giving someone the opportunity to be successful, as I was given those opportunities despite my situation.

Q: What made you consider a charitable gift annuity with St. Jude?

A: Battling cancer myself, I kept thinking of the kids going through these same difficulties. I felt that I needed to help in some way. Having done a gift annuity previously (with a different organization), I thought this was a great idea to help the kids of St. Jude. I wanted to contribute something to give them a longer, more enjoyable life.

Q: Have you discussed your plans with your family?

A: I have. My husband, James, is on board.

Q: What was the process of setting up your annuity?

A: The process was very smooth and easy. After reading an article, I called St. Jude about a week later. I explained what I wanted to do and they sent me paperwork right away. Then I met with my local representative, Kelly.

Q: Can you tell us about your relationship with Kelly?

A: I met Kelly about a week after I made my original phone call to St. Jude. I feel like I have known her a lot longer. It has been a wonderful and enjoyable year getting to know one another. She makes a person feel very comfortable and she is easy to talk to.

Q: What would you tell someone else who might be considering a St. Jude charitable gift annuity?

A: This is a wonderful idea to be a part of something so beneficial to let the children have a better life. You're allowing those children the opportunity to live by this gift. For me, it wasn't about the benefits of the CGA, but being able to make a difference.

Q: How do you feel about having your name inscribed on the Legacy Wall at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital?

A: I hope my plaque is a symbol of my legacy of giving, showing love and concern to those who need it.


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