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Bo Hu, PhD
Bo Hu, PhD

Bo Hu, PhD

Assistant Member, St. Jude Faculty



  • PhD - Yale University

Research Interests

  • Neuro-Immunology
  • Immunometabolism
  • Tumor Immunology
  • Innate Immunity

We are combining advanced cellular and molecular techniques in immunology and neurobiology with genetic-engineering tools, multi-omics approaches, and advanced imaging systems to address the fundamental questions in Neuro-immunology and interrogate neuro-immune interactions in health and disease.

Selected Publications

Hu B*, Jin C*, Zeng X*, Resch JM, Jedrychowski MP, Yang Z, Banks AS, Lowell BB, Mathis D, Spiegelman BM. γδT cells and Adipocyte IL-17 Receptor C control fat innervation and thermogenesis. Nature 578:610-614, 2020. *Equal contributors

Hu B*, Jin C*, Li H-B*, Tong J, Ouyang X, Zhu S, Strowig T, Lam FC, Zhao C, Henao-Mejia J, Fitzgerald KA, Eisenbarth SC, Elinav E, Flavell RA. The DNA Sensing Aim2 Inflammasome Controls Radiation Induced Cell death and Tissue Injury. Science 354(6313):765-768, 2016. *Equal contributors.

Jin C, Lagoudas G, Zhao C, Bullman S, Bhutkar A, Hu B, Ameh S, Sandel D, Liang XS, Mazzilli S, Whary MT, Meyerson M, Germain R, Blainey P, Fox JG, Jacks T. Commensal Microbiota Promote Lung Tumorigenesis via γδ T Cells. Cell 176:998-1013, 2019.

Zeng X, Ye M, Resch JM, Jedrychowski MP, Hu B, Lowell BB, Ginty DD, Spiegelman BM. Innervation of Thermogenic Adipose Tissue through a Calsyntenin-3β/S100b axis. Nature 569:229-235, 2019.

Sun Y, Jedrychowski MP, Rahbani JF, Riley CL, Vidoni S, Laznik-Bogoslavski D, Hu B, Dumesic PA, Zeng X, Wang AB, Knudsen NH, Kim CR, Marasciullo A, Millán JL, Chouchani ET, Kazak L, Spiegelman BM. Mitochondrial TNAP Controls the Futile Creatine Cycle and Thermogenesis by Hydrolysis of Phosphocreatine. Nature 593:580–585, 2021.

Hu B*, Elinav E*, Huber S, Strowig T, Hao L, Hafemann A, Jin C, Wunderlich C, Wunderlich T, Eisenbarth SC, Flavell RA. Microbiota-induced activation of epithelial IL-6 signaling links inflammasome-driven inflammation with transmissible cancer. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 110(24):9862-7, 2013. *Equal contributors.

Hu B*, Elinav E*, Huber S, Booth CJ, Strowig T, Jin C, Eisenbarth SC, Flavell RA. Inflammation-induced tumorigenesis in the colon is regulated by caspase-1 and NLRC4. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107(50):21635-40, 2010. *Equal contributors.

Huber S, Gagliani N, Zenewicz LA, Huber FJ, Bosurgi L, Hu B, Hedl M, Zhang W, O'Connor W Jr,Murphy AJ, Valenzuela DM, Yancopoulos GD, Booth CJ, Cho JH, Ouyang W, Abraham C, Flavell RA. IL-22BP is regulated by the inflammasome and modulates tumorigenesis in the intestine. Nature 491(7423):259-63, 2012.

Jin C, Frayssinet P, Pelker R, Cwirka D, Hu B, Vignery A, Eisenbarth SC, Flavell RA. NLRP3 inflammasome plays a critical role in the pathogenesis of hydroxyapatite-associated arthropathy. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108(36):14867-72, 2011.

Li J, Li E, Czepielewski RS, Chi J, Guo X, Han YH, Wang D, Wang L, Hu B, Dawes B, Jacobs C, Tenen D, Lin SJ, Lee B, Morris D, Tobias A, Randolph GJ, Cohen P, Tsai L, Rosen ED. Neurotensin is an anti-thermogenic peptide produced by lymphatic endothelial cells. Cell Metab Jul 6;33(7):1449-1465, 2021.

Hu B*, Elinav E*, Flavell RA. Inflammasome-mediated suppression of inflammation-induced colorectal cancer progression is mediated by direct regulation of epithelial cell proliferation. Cell Cycle 10(12):1936-9, 2011. *Equal contributors. Review

Gagliani N*, Hu B*, Huber S*, Elinav E*, Flavell RA. The fire within: microbes inflame intestinal tumors. Cell 157(4):776-83, 2013. *Equal contributors. Review

Elinav E*, Nowarski R*, Thaiss C*, Hu B*, Jin C*, Flavell RA. Inflammation-induced cancer: corsstalk between tumors, immune cells and microorganisms. Nature Reviews Cancer 13(11):759-71, 2013. *Equal contributors. Review

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