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5 amazing ways IT helps save the lives of children

And how you can, too.


At St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, technology is a major part of everything we do. Our campus features a high-performance computing facility, dedicated Data Center, and cloud-computing infrastructure. We may be the only place on the planet where you can see first-hand how your ideas and advancements help discover cures for catastrophic childhood diseases. Here are a few surprising ways IT professionals at St. Jude are setting the bar for Information Systems:

1. Launch the world’s largest cloud-based collection of pediatric genome data.

The St. Jude–Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project is the world’s most ambitious effort to discover the origins of childhood cancer and to seek cures. Working with St. Jude’s Computational Biology Science Department, IT specialists didn’t just work with advanced technology, they created it. The result? The St. Jude Cloud, which is the world’s first pediatric cancer genome data cloud strategy and serves as the largest collection of pediatric cancer genomics data ever assembled. This data pipeline has been made accessible to researchers everywhere, so look for global collaborations to bring us closer to finding cures.

If you’re a Senior Storage Administrator, HPC Engineer or Computational Engineer, we invite you to join us on this amazing journey toward cloud-based cancer research.

2. Streamline the global execution of clinical trials.

Our IT teams are making St. Jude’s global expansion of clinical care and research initiatives more efficient.  This work creates brand new applications to improve our internal processes and implement clinical trial standards, which in turn is used to support other institutional strategies like St. Jude Global and the Clinical Research Consortia.

Right now, we need experienced Project Managers and Application Analysts to help drive this unique global project forward.

3. Improve patient experiences for a lifetime.

St. Jude aims to make its patients and their loved ones as comfortable as possible. To help us achieve this goal, our Information Services team is utilizing human factors engineering techniques to gather data, design, and test technology-based approaches to enhance the St. Jude engagement experience. From diagnosis through after-care therapies, we are re-defining existing technology architecture, removing friction in existing processes, and making changes to management processes to support staff.

 If you’re a visionary Senior Data Analytics Report Developer, we’d like to hear from you.  

4. Safeguard digital assets against global threats.

Protecting private health information from hackers is a major priority for healthcare organizations everywhere. Our goal at St. Jude? Set the standard for cybersecurity. To do this, we’re developing new technologies to secure digital assets, we’re implementing innovative risk management and compliance programs, expanding outreach and strengthening awareness. All we need now is you.

We’re currently hiring industry-best Cybersecurity Analysts, Disaster Recover Coordinators, and Information Security Risk & Compliance Analysts.

5. Connect international teams to create optimal patient outcomes.

St. Jude's expanding global footprint means our transformative technologies need to evolve and keep pace. One way we’re doing this is through development of a platform that connects patients, families, researchers, and staff from around the world. When launched, this innovative program will foster effective collaboration and facilitate secure, rapid data sharing. Accelerated treatment progress means better patient outcomes.

Is Data Analytics your strong suit? Come be a part of this ground-breaking process.


Every day you work at St. Jude is another day you break the boundaries of what technology is capable of. Join our community and be the first to learn about our projects and open positions.

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