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WebEx for Non- St. Jude Employees

  1. WebEx is a web-based tool used to conduct meetings online. With this anytime, anywhere solution participants can collaborate through the sharing of documents, presentations, and applications; chatting with participants; group polling; and note taking.

  2. As a non-St. Jude party, you are invited to participate in a WebEx meeting hosted by a St. Jude employee. As a participant, or attendee, your role is to receive information, ask questions, and input your opinion just as you would in a face-to-face meeting. If your role moves beyond the privileges of a participant, the hosting St. Jude employee may provide those rights to you after starting the meeting.

  3. Prior to a meeting, the host sends a meeting invitation via email. This invitation includes the meeting details along with a link directly to the online room. Follow the directions given to join the meeting.

  4. No.  A WebEx account is not required to join a St. Jude hosted WebEx meeting.  All that is required is your name, email address, and the meeting password provided in the meeting invitation.

  5. Operating system and Internet browser

    At minimum, WebEx requires a computer, Internet connection, and an Internet browser. See the WebEx System Requirements for specifics.

    Test your computer

    Join a test meeting to test your browser and operating system.

    Meeting Manager

    In addition, WebEx requires the Meeting Manager software. This software automatically downloads and installs the first time you join a meeting. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection it may take up to a couple of minutes to install.

  6. WebEx Technical Support

    Web site: Global Support Services

    St. Jude Technical Contact