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Dirk Loeffler, PhD
Dirk Loeffler, PhD

Dirk Loeffler, PhD

Assistant Member, St. Jude Faculty



Postdoctoral Research – ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Graduate Research - Helmholtz Center & Ludwig-Maximillian-University, Munich, Germany
PhD (Stem Cell Biology) – LMU Munich, Germany
Undergraduate Research (Hematology/Oncology) – University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany
(Biology) – Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
BSc - Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany

Honors & Awards

2020 George Brecher Award, International Society of Exp. Hematology (ISEH)
2020 Bruno Speck Award, Basel Stem Cell Network
2009 Diploma/M.Sc. with honors, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany

Research Interests

  • Molecular mechanisms of blood stem cell self-renewal & differentiation
  • Cancer stem cells & clonal hematopoiesis
  • Quantitative single-cell time-lapse imaging
  • Asymmetric cell division
  • Cellular memory
  • Aging

Selected Publications

Ahmed, Etzrodt, Dettinger, Kull, Loeffler, Hoppe, Chavez, Zhang, Ortega, Hilsenbeck, Nakajima, Pietras, Schroeder. Blood stem cell PU.1 upregulation is a consequence of differentiation without fast autoregulation. JEM 2021 (in press).

Loeffler*, Schneiter*, Wang, Wehling, Kull, Lengerke, Manz, Schroeder. Asymmetric organelle inheritance predicts human blood stem cell fate. Blood Jul 27, 2021. PMID: 34314497; Citations: 1 - Impact Factor: 22.113

Wang*, Zhang*, Dettinger, Reimann, Kull, Loeffler, Manz, Lengerke, Schroeder. Cytokine combinations for human blood stem cell expansion induce cell-type- and cytokine-specific signaling dynamics. Blood Sep 9;138(10):847-857, 2021. PMID: 33988686; Citations: 1 - Impact Factor: 22.113

Chavez, Rabe, Loeffler, Higa, Hernandez, Mills, Ahmed, Gessner, Ke, Idler, Kim, Myers, Stevens, Jordan, Nakajima, Ashton, Welner, Schroeder, DeGregori, Pietras. PU.1 enforces quiescence and limits hematopoietic stem cell expansion during inflammatory stress. JEM Jun 7;218(6):e20201169, 2021. PMID: 33857288; Citation: 0 – Impact Factor: 14.307

Dettinger, Wang, Ahmed, Zhang, Loeffler, Kull, Etzrodt, Lengerke, Schroeder. An automated microfluidic system for efficient capture of rare cells and rapid flow-free stimulation. Lab Chip Nov 10;20(22):4246-4254, 2020. PMID: 33063816; Citation: 0 – Impact Factor: 6.914

Peng, Lamm, Loeffler, Ahmed, Navab, Schroeder, Marr. Background and illumination correction for time-lapse microscopy data with correlated foreground. MICCAI Springer Cham 2020.

Ahmed, Kunz, Hoppe, Loeffler, Etzrodt, Camargo Ortega, Hilsenbeck, Anastassiadis, Schroeder. A novel GATA2 protein reporter mouse reveals hematopoietic progenitor cell types. Stem Cell Reports Aug 11;15(2):326-339, 2020. PMID: 32649900; Citations: 1 - Impact Factor: 5.6

Loeffler, Schneiter, Schroeder. Pitfalls and requirements in quantifying asymmetric mitotic segregation. ANYAS Apr;1466(1):73-82, 2020. PMID: 31814150; Citations: 1 - Impact Factor: 4.788

Loeffler, Wehling, Schneiter, Zhang, Müller-Bötticher, Hoppe, Hilsenbeck, Kokkaliaris, Endele, Schroeder. Asymmetric lysosome inheritance predicts activation of haematopoietic stem cells. Nature Sep;573(7774):426-429, 2019. PMID: 31485073; Citations: 31 - Impact Factor: 41.577

Strasser, Hoppe, Loeffler, Kokkaliaris, Schroeder, Theis, Marr. Lineage marker synchrony in hematopoietic genealogies refutes the PU.1/GATA1 toggle switch paradigm. Nature Communications Jul 12;9(1):2697, 2018. PMID: 30002371; Citations: 14 - Impact Factor: 12.353

Etzrodt, Ahmed, Hoppe, Loeffler, Skylaki, Hilsenbeck, Kokkaliaris, Kaltenbach, Stelling, Nerlov, Schroeder. Inflammatory signals directly instruct PU.1 in HSCs via TNF. Blood Feb 21;133(8):816-819, 2019. PMID: 30301719; Citations: 14 - Impact Factor: 15.132

Loeffler, Wang, Hopf, Hilsenbeck, Bourgine, Rudolf, Martin, Schroeder. Mouse and human HSPC immobilization in liquid culture by CD43- or CD44-antibody coating. Blood Mar 29;131(13):1425-1429, 2018. PMID: 29453290; Citations: 10 - Impact Factor: 15.132

Shepherd, Li, Wilson, Oedekoven, Li, Belmonte, Fink, Prick, Pask, Hamilton, Loeffler, Rao, Schroeder, Göttgens, Green, Kent. Single-cell approaches identify the molecular network driving malignant hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal. Blood Aug 23;132(8):791-803, 2018. PMID: 29991556; Citations: 6 - Impact Factor: 15.132

Dettinger, Frank, Etzrodt, Ahmed, Reimann, Trenzinger, Loeffler, Kokkaliaris, Schroeder, Tay. Automated Microfluidic System for Dynamic Stimulation and Tracking of Single-cells. Analytical Chemistry Sep 18;90(18):10695-10700, 2018. PMID: 30059208; Citations: 12 - Impact Factor: 6.350

Hastreiter, Skylaki, Loeffler, Reimann, Hilsenbeck, Hoppe, Coutu, Kokkaliaris, Schwarzfischer, Anastassiadis, Schwarzfischer, Anastassiadis, Theis, Schroeder. Inductive and Selective Effects of GSK3 and MEK Inhibition on Nanog Heterogeneity in Embryonic Stem Cells. Stem Cell Reports Jul 10;11(1):58-69, 2018. PMID: 29779897; Citations: 8 - Impact Factor: 5.499

Hilsenbeck, Schwarzfischer, Loeffler, Dimopoulos, Hastreiter, Marr, Theis, Schroeder. fastER: a user-friendly tool for ultrafast and robust cell segmentation in large-scale microscopy. Bioinformatics Jul 1;33(13):2020-2028, 2017. PMID: 28334115; Citations: 34 - Impact Factor: 5.481

Buggenthin, Buettner, Hoppe, Endele, Kroiss, Strasser, Schwarzfischer, Loeffler, Kokkaliaris, Hilsenbeck, Schroeder*, Theis*, Marr*. Prospective identification of hematopoietic lineage choice by deep learning. Nature Methods Apr;14(4):403-406, 2017. PMID: 28218899; Citations: 83 - Impact Factor: 26.919

Endele, Loeffler, Kokkaliaris, Hilsenbeck, Skylaki, Hoppe, Schambach, Stanley, Schroeder. CSF-1 induced Src signaling can instruct monocytic lineage choice. Blood Mar 23;129(12):1691-1701, 2017. PMID: 28159742; Citations: 8 - Impact Factor: 15.132

Hoppe, Schwarzfischer, Loeffler, Kokkaliaris, Hilsenbeck, Moritz, Endele, Filipczyk, Gambardella, Ahmed, Etzrodt, Coutu, Rieger, Marr, Strasser, Schauberger, Burtscher, Ermakova, Bürger, Lickert, Nerlov, Theis, Schroeder. Early myeloid lineage choice is not initiated by random PU.1 to GATA1 protein ratios. Nature Jul 14;535(7611):299-302, 2016. PMID: 27411635; Citations: 119 - Impact Factor: 40.137

Hilsenbeck*, Schwarzfischer*, Skylaki*, Schauberger, Hoppe, Loeffler, Kokkaliaris, Hastreiter, Skylaki, Filipczyk, Strasser, Buggenthin, Feigelman, Krumsiek, van den Berg, Endele, Etzrodt, Marr, Theis**, Schroeder**. Software tools for single-cell tracking and quantification of cellular and molecular properties. Nature Biotechnology Jul 12;34(7):703-6, 2016. PMID: 27404877; Citations: 96 - Impact Factor: 41.667

Kokkaliaris, Drew, Endele, Loeffler, Hoppe, Hilsenbeck, Schauberger, Hinzen, Skylaki, Theodorou, Kieslinger, Lemischka, Moore, Schroeder. Identification of factors promoting ex vivo maintenance of hematopoietic stem cells by long-term single-cell quantification. Blood Sep 1;128(9):1181-92, 2016. PMID: 27365423; Citations: 21 - Impact Factor: 13.164

Pietras, Mirantes-Barbeito, Fong, Loeffler, Kovtonyuk, Zhang, Lakshminarasimhan, Chin, Techner, Will, Nerlov, Steidl, Manz, Schroeder, Passegué. Chronic interleukin-1 exposure drives haematopoietic stem cells towards precocious myeloid differentiation at the expense of self-renewal. Nature Cell Biology Jun;18(6):607-18, 2016. PMID: 27111842; Citations: 216 - Impact Factor: 20.06

Haas, Hansson, Klimmeck, Loeffler, Velten, Uckelmann, Wurzer, Prendergast, Schnell, Hexel, Santarella- Mellwig, Blaszkiewicz, Kuck, Geiger, Milsom, Steinmetz, Schroeder, Trumpp, Krijgsveldm, Essers. Inflammation-Induced Emergency Megakaryopoiesis Driven by Hematopoietic Stem Cell-like Megakaryocyte Progenitors. Cell Stem Cell Oct 1;17(4):422-34, 2015. PMID: 26299573; Citations: 192 - Impact Factor: 22.387

Filipczyk*, Marr*, Hastreiter*, Feigelman, Schwarzfischer, Hoppe, Loeffler, Kokkaliaris, Endele, Schauberger, Hilsenbeck, Skylaki, Hasenauer, Anastassiadis, Theis**, Schroeder**. Network plasticity of pluripotency transcription factors in embryonic stem cells. Nature Cell Biology Oct;17(10):1235-46, 2015. PMID: 26389663; Citations: 94 - Impact Factor: 18.699

Montrone, Kokkaliaris, Loeffler, Lechner, Kastenmüller, Schroeder, Ruepp. HSC-Explorer: A Curated Database for Hematopoietic Stem Cells. PLoS One Jul 30;8(7):e70348, 2013. PMID: 23936191; Citations: 10 - Impact Factor: 3.534

Last update: February 2022