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Pediatric Cancer Experts and Information for Media

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has the first and only National Cancer Institute-designated  St. Jude Comprehensive Cancer Center devoted solely to children. St. Jude freely shares research and clinical discoveries to ensure doctors and scientists worldwide have the necessary knowledge to help save more children.

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Pediatric Cancer Experts

  • James R. Downing, MD

    James Downing, MD, is president and chief executive officer at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, as well as the hospital’s chair of Childhood Cancer Treatment. He also directs the molecular pathology laboratory, where his research focuses on human leukemia. This laboratory investigates the role of chromosomal translocations in the development of pediatric cancers and determines how the identification of these genetic errors can be used to aid in the diagnosis and management of pediatric patients. Downing was instrumental in launching the Pediatric Cancer Genome Project, and was a finalist of TIME magazine's 100 most influential people in the world.

  • Julie R. Park, MD

    Julie Park, MD, St. Jude Department of Oncology chair, has a strong track record translating laboratory research findings into early-phase clinical trials for recurrent childhood malignancies. In particular, she collaborated with laboratory investigators in designing the first in-human autologous chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell trials for pediatric leukemia, solid tumors and brain tumors. Park has also developed novel combinatorial therapies for particularly difficult-to-treat neuroblastomas.

  • Charles W. M. Roberts, MD, PhD

    Executive Vice President Charles Roberts, MD, PhD, St. Jude Comprehensive Cancer Center director, leads research in the field of cancer epigenetics. Roberts’ work has led to new investigational cancer therapies for both children and adults. He studies how chromatin remodeling complexes, which normally allow access to DNA so genes can be transcribed, contribute to cancer. Roberts can offer information associated with studies that provide ground-breaking treatments for cancer in adults and children.

  • Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, MD

    Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, MD


    Executive Vice President Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, MD, St. Jude Department of Global Pediatric Medicine chair and St. Jude Global director, is a world-recognized leader in global childhood cancer care. Rodriguez-Galindo was instrumental in forming St. Jude Global in 2018, aiming to improve both the access to and quality of care children receive in low- and middle-income countries. Through the St. Jude Global Alliance, Rodrigues-Galindo directs regional, national and hospital-based initiatives with its member partners across seven regions to ensure the advancement of care worldwide. Rodrigues-Galindo is also an expert in pediatric solid tumors.