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Solid Tumor Experts and Information for Media

Solid tumors are cancers occurring in organs and tissues throughout the body except for the blood and the brain. Examples of solid tumors treated at St. Jude include neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma, osteosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, melanoma and endocrine tumors. St. Jude accomplishes breakthroughs against these tumors through excellent inpatient care and the rational development of new therapies whose antitumor activity is studied in the lab.

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Solid Tumor Experts

  • Michael A. Dyer, PhD

    Michael Dyer, PhD, St. Jude Department of Developmental Neurobiology chair and Solid Tumor Program co-leader, studies how issues in developing neural progenitor cells can lead to disease. He investigates the basic science of how neural progenitor cells coordinate their numbers and identity as they mature into different cell types and tissues in the brain and central nervous system. Dyer leads the Childhood Solid Tumor Network, the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of scientific resources for researchers studying pediatric solid tumors and related biology.

  • Mark E. Hatley, MD, PhD

    Mark Hatley, MD, PhD, St. Jude Department of Oncology, Division of Molecular Oncology director, leads an innovative research program on cell development and how that process can go awry in pediatric cancer. His other research interests include cellular and molecular origins of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, microRNAs, mouse models and the development of novel therapies for pediatric sarcomas.

  • Alberto Pappo, MD

    Alberto Pappo, MD, St. Jude Department of Oncology, Division of Solid Tumors director and Developmental Biology and Solid Tumor Program director, is an expert in rare solid tumors. Pappo also leads a pediatric melanoma referral clinic where experts evaluate patients from all over the country to provide invaluable help to referring physicians treating this rare pediatric disease. 

  • Charles W. M. Roberts, MD, PhD

    Executive Vice President Charles Roberts, MD, PhD, St. Jude Comprehensive Cancer Center director, leads research in the field of cancer epigenetics. Roberts’ work has led to new investigational cancer therapies for both children and adults. He studies how chromatin remodeling complexes, which normally allow access to DNA so genes can be transcribed, contribute to cancer. Roberts can offer information associated with studies that provide ground-breaking treatments for cancer in adults and children.