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Anesthesia tech draws inspiration from patients, staff members

Geno Neville with medical equipment

Anesthesia tech Geno Neville joined St. Jude in 2005.

I am one of three anesthesia technicians in the Division of Anesthesiology at St. Jude.

Along with my colleagues Maxine Patterson and Serena Davis, we are responsible for preparing clinical areas and carts for anesthesia delivery. This includes preparing monitors and equipment for use; checking that items such as syringes, tubing and circuits are in place; and stocking operating rooms and clinical areas.

Our goal is to ensure that certified registered nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologists have everything they need to do their work.

Maxine and Serena are great partners, and we make a dedicated team. We know our jobs, but we also know there are other things that we can do to help. Helping might mean moving equipment, offering patients some encouragement or holding patients during procedures. For surgical procedures, we often make frequent trips into and out of the operating room, depending on the patient.

I began my St. Jude career in 2005 as a stocker in Materials Management. Much of my work involved stocking the anesthesia area, so when a position for an anesthesia tech opened in 2007, I was eager to apply. The adjustment was a smooth one—I enjoyed my new role and having the chance to interact with patients

I try to be as warm and friendly as possible to patients and greet them with a smile. As long as they feel comfortable, then everything else is OK.

My favorite thing about working at St. Jude is the people—from the patients who remember me years later to the employees I see every day. St. Jude is like a melting pot. You see different people from different walks of life, different countries and everybody has a story.

You hear their stories about how they got to St. Jude—why they are working here—and it’s inspirational and motivates me. If you feel like there’s something bigger and better for you to do here, you have opportunity.

My work gives me a sense of purpose, and I enjoy knowing that I am helping someone else to do their job. We’re all here to help each other. This isn’t just a workplace; it’s a family.

Gino Neville is an anesthesia tech in the Division of Anesthesiology at St. Jude.