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St. Jude patient Beckett

St. Jude patient Beckett

Video of St. Jude patient Beckett's story.

Beckett appears in a St. Jude commercial, with his mom talking about his son's St. Jude journey.


Beckett's story

Even at 2 years old, Beckett was a very verbal child, able to describe how he felt. And how he felt was "dizzy". He was also sick to his stomach from time to time, and had developed a head tilt.


Beckett was ultimately diagnosed with ATRT, an aggressive form of brain cancer. From that moment on, said his dad, it was “game face.” Brett and Tammie’s youngest child would need all of their focus and positive energy for the long treatment ahead. 

St. Jude patient Beckett poses with his parents.

St. Jude patient Beckett with his parents, Brett and Tammie

St. Jude patient Beckett

Since arriving at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with a referral, Beckett has undergone surgery that succeeded in removing the entire tumor from his brain, proton therapy and chemotherapy. He received his last dose of chemotherapy in time to be back home in Michigan for Thanksgiving 2023, with his beloved older siblings.

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Brett and Tammie no longer take anything for granted, not even the little things. And they have gratitude for St. Jude donors and staff. 

They're changing people's lives here.

Beckett's dad, Brett

St. Jude patient Beckett

Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food — so they can focus on helping their child live.

St. Jude patient Beckett, celebrating with his family

St. Jude patient Beckett, celebrating with his family


Beckett is smart and happy-go-lucky. He enjoys construction vehicles and schoolwork, like reading and math, but his very favorite things are Monster Jam® and playing with his monster trucks.


When you support St. Jude, you can help make cures possible for kids with cancer, like Beckett. Together, we can save more lives.

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St. Jude patient Beckett smiling as he's kissed by his parents, Brett and Tammie.

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