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Tina is being treated for brain cancer

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During the fall of 2017, Tina became nauseous and started to throw up almost daily.

Her parents, Vicente and Marina, took her to the pediatrician, who determined that Tina had a virus.

tina in a hospital bed

Tina prior to treatment


But 10 days later, Tina was still sick.

“We went to the hospital,” Vicente said. “Within 40 minutes, they told us Tina had a brain tumor.”

A biopsy revealed the tumor was a type of brain cancer called medulloblastoma.

Tina was then referred to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.


Families, like Tina's, never receive a bill from St. Jude for anything.

tina with her family in 2018

Tina with her family in 2018


“When we learned Tina had cancer, it was the worst news we’ve ever received,” Vicente said. “You never think something like this could happen to you.”

  1. Candid photo of tina in front of a St. Jude sign

    Tina’s family arrived at St. Jude in January 2018.

    Her treatment included 30 sessions of proton therapy and four months of chemotherapy.

    Her family is thankful for the care she’s received – and how much St. Jude provided for their family.

    Candid photo of tina on the st. jude campus

    Tina on the St. Jude campus

    St. Jude took the financial worry away. St. Jude allows families like ours to have our child treated with the best team behind us.

    Tina's dad, Vicente

    Candid photo of tina and her dad

    Tina with her dad, Vicente

    Tina is now finished with treatment and returns for regular scans.

    She is an honor student who loves to play tennis and spend time watching videos or playing cards with her sister.

    Candid photo of tina

    Tina in 2019

    St. Jude kept our family together ... it's a little piece of heaven on earth.

    Tina's dad, Vicente


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