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General Postdoctoral Fellowship Questions

  1. Clinical track positions are available each year. The two-year clinical-research and research track positions rotate in availability. Fellows in these positions are paired with faculty members based on fit with primary research interests. Therefore, whether a position is available for the year you apply depends upon whether the position is vacant or held currently by a 1st or 2nd year fellow.

  2. Yes, you may initiate contact to introduce yourself and express your interest, but otherwise must follow the application guidelines. 

  3. Unfortunately, we currently do not have funding for part-time postdoctoral positions.

  4. Yes.  Please see the Pediatric Neuropsychology Fellowship.

  5. Online application is required by our institution. Applications and supporting materials will not be accepted until the positions are posted via the website.

    How to apply for a clinical fellowship

    Open Clinical Fellowship Positions

  6. Protected research time is provided to fellows in the clinical-research and research track positions with percentages based on track (see table here).

  7. Yes, St. Jude is a non-profit organization with a mission to support access to care for underserved populations. Through the support of Academic Programs, assistance with writing and submitting the required application to participate in the loan repayment program is offered to postdoctoral fellows.

  8. Our salary and benefits follow NIH guidelines, and thus are very competitive.

  9. The state of Tennessee requires 1900 hours of supervised postdoctoral training for full licensure. Presently, our recognized APPIC member status exempts our psychology fellows from having to obtain provisional licensure prior to having patient contact, which previously was required by the state of Tennessee. Fellows can apply for provisional licensure if they choose; however, the Board requires all 1900 hours be obtained within 1 year of the provisional license and the EPPP exam be taken and passed in that year period. For those who apply for provisional licensure, only the hours obtained during the specified license period count toward the 1900 hour requirement.  

    For additional information, visit the Tennessee Board of Examiners in Psychology website.

  10. The start date is somewhat flexible, dependent upon completion of degree requirements and initiation of the Tennessee licensure process. We ideally target either a mid-July, mid-August, or mid-September start subsequent to the anticipated completion of predoctoral internship and/or dissertation defense. The start date also is determined upon which date the currently filled position will become vacated.

  11. While the close of applications is December 15, applications will be accepted until all positions are filled. Candidates will be invited to interview individually, and a presentation is expected as part of the interview process. Decisions/offers will be made as soon as possible following the candidate's interview on an individual basis.