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Frequently Asked Questions - Nurse Extern Program

  1. Applications are accepted online March 1 - March 15. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  2. Due to HIPAA and patient privacy laws, shadowing is not allowed.

  3. The nurse externship is a paid externship.

  4. The nurse externship does not offer benefits.

  5. Housing will not be provided.

  6. The length of the nurse externship program varies, but will end upon completion of nursing school.

  7. Nursing students that are ending their junior and beginning senior year are eligible to apply.

  8. No, but you can apply for a Pediatric Oncology Nurse position.

  9. The nurse externship is offered during the completion of a student’s senior year of nursing school. The summer externship is eight to ten weeks prior to the beginning of a student’s senior year of nursing school.

  10. Nursing students beginning their senior year who are unable to complete our traditional nurse externship. (For example, a senior nursing student completing their nursing degree outside the state of Tennessee)