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Pinups for St. Jude

One of the easiest ways your company can help St. Jude is through giving events such as casual days. It's lots of fun for employees and easy to set up.

Payroll deduction

The easiest way to give! A gift to St. Jude can be deducted from your paycheck as a one-time gift or each pay period. Organize a payroll deduction drive and ask other team members to give. Learn how to give through your paycheck.

Casual day

Give employees comfort on the job. For a donation, team members can dress casual and relax in their favorite comfy clothes ... within reason of course.

St. Jude at Work pinups

Display on cubes, doors, offices, conference rooms, wherever you want. Pinups can even be used along with other events like casual days!

Other fundraising ideas

  • Jeans/Jersey day
  • Sports watch party
  • Change for St. Jude Kids  
  • Shave/Don't shave  
  • Bring/Buy sale
  • Holiday-themed fun
  • Theme party
  • Employee/Family carnivals  
  • September for St. Jude 

These are just a few ideas. Use your imagination to create your own signature fundraising campaign! Think like a kid. Act like a kid. Have a blast for St. Jude!

Or you can make a donation to help us continue our lifesaving mission.

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