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Workplace fundraisers

Have fun with your colleagues in hosting a workplace fundraiser. It's easy to create a fundraiser page so you can seamlessly plan fundraising efforts.

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St. Jude patient Natalie being held by her mom

St. Jude patient Natalie, with her mom


Workplace fundraising ideas

Some of these workplace fundraising ideas are St. Jude-specific, and others may be useful for any of your fundraising efforts for good causes. We hope these fundraising ideas for work can inspire your next office fundraising event and that you’ll consider giving to St. Jude through work.


  Online fundraising ideas

Whether you’re in a hybrid, remote, or in-person work environment, fundraisers can be effective for team building and having fun. And there are plenty of online fundraising ideas to encourage friendly competition among co-workers.

Virtual Bingo on a cellphone

Virtual trivia or bingo

Organize a virtual trivia or game hour for colleagues to compete online or through apps. Or ask colleagues to make a donation to St. Jude as an entry fee and then compete in a virtual bingo game together. 

Crowd of people


Your colleagues might appreciate an easy fundraising idea like crowdfunding. Create a fundraiser, set a goal and encourage people to contribute. Celebrate the end of your fundraiser with a meal at a local restaurant or a sweepstakes giveaway.

Woman using msartphone

Online auctions

Use resources and items available to you and your coworkers, and host an online auction where part or all of the money made gets donated to St. Jude


  In-person and in-office fundraising ideas

In-person fundraising events can be powerful for team building, and there are plenty of options that might work for your next corporate giving effort.

Workplace Giving themed dress up

Themed dress-up

Choose a fun theme, like wacky socks, pajamas, silly hats or sports jerseys. Or pick a time-period theme, and ask people to wear attire from a decade like the '90s or '70s. Request donations to participate and fundraise in style!

Virtual Bingo on a cellphone

Game hour

Donate to participate in a game hour and play drawing games, card games or board games. You could also organize a trivia night or bingo night!

Illustration of a woman holding cookies on baking sheet

Bake sale, bake off or cook off

Ask colleagues who love to bake or cook to take part in a competition-style fundraiser or sell their treats and donate the money made to St. Jude. Take dietary restrictions and relevant health laws into consideration.

St. Jude patient Natalie

St. Jude patient Natalie


Your support helps kids like Natalie

Natalie, the youngest of five, seemed like a perfectly healthy toddler. But one day, she stopped using her left arm. Her parents were expecting a call back from the pediatric orthopedist when Natalie took a tumble directly onto that arm and was inconsolable.

“When they admitted us to the hospital that night, we actually thought that we were doing some bone scans to check for mineral deficiency,” said her mom, Nicole. “Cancer was never on our radar.”


Contact us about your workplace fundraiser

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Thank you for supporting St. Jude with a workplace fundraiser. Please mail checks and cash to:

ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Attn: St. Jude at Work
501 St. Jude Place
Memphis, TN 38105


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Other ways to give

You can use your creativity to make all sorts of ideas come alive. Let colleagues know about your fundraising activity or game, then ask them for a donation to St. Jude in order to participate. 

  • Fitness challenge: Employees can compete in teams for the highest steps walked, miles biked, push-ups completed or other fun fitness challenges.
  • Art creation challenge: Individuals can compete to create art from items in their homes. For example, challenge them to recreate you company logo with items in their home.
  • Gas money donation: Raise money easily by asking individuals working from home to donate their saved gas or transportation money. Compete in teams and use a visual tracker on your online donation page to make it more fun!
  • Karaoke challenge: Participate in a fun karaoke night! Employees can share the lyrics, and everyone can sing along. 
  • Leadership challenge: Use fun incentives to encourage your team to fundraise! For example, you can raise money to pie your leadership in the face or dump a bucket of water on them. 
  • Recipe donation: Team members can compile their favorite recipes and put together a cookbook to sell to colleagues and donate the money to the kids of St. Jude
  • Dress-themed day: Pick a fun theme such as pajamas, silly hats or sports jerseys and have everyone donate $5 to participate.
  • TikTok dance challenge: Pick a TikTok dance routine, and individuals or teams can challenge each other and vote on a winner. 
  • Work truth-or-dare: Employees can have fun with this appropriate truth or dare challenge! Come up with a list of fun and safe questions and dares. 
  • Game hour: Donate to participate in a game hour and play a drawing game, bingo or a trivia game! You can play many games virtually. 
  • Bake sale: If appropriate, ask colleagues who love to bake to sell their treats and donate the money made to St. Jude.
  • Golf tournament or another sporting event: If you have colleagues who love to golf or play another sport, consider hosting a tournament. You could ask for a donation to join and sell snacks or beverages for additional donation revenue.
  • Scavenger hunt: Have your colleagues look around the office or team up to find items and landmarks around town. Ask for donations as admission.
  • Silent auction: Host an in-person fancy-dress event that your colleagues will remember.
  • Car wash: Reserve a day for people to wash cars at a competitive rate, and then donate what you earn. Share and promote the event on social media to get your local community involved.
  • Baby photo contest: Have participants bring in their favorite baby photos and vote on winners for different categories, like “funniest photo” or “looks most like their adult self.” Charge a small fee to participate and donate the proceeds.