Tasty ways to help

Bake sales for St. Jude

Give your weekend bakers and chefs a chance to show off their skills for the kids of St. Jude by donating homemade goodies for others to buy or bid on. Or give all the "professional tasters" on your staff the chance to enjoy some good food while they support St. Jude.

Bake sales

Organize a group to bring in homemade food or even store-bought goodies (if you must) and allow team members to purchase or donate to receive chances to win the delicious baked goods.

Ice cream days

For a donation, team members can enjoy a nice ice cream treat for helping St. Jude. As an added bonus, have the boss serve the ice cream!

Other ideas

  • Pancake breakfast
  • Lemonade stand
  • Food eating contest
  • Pie in the face fun
  • Chili cook-off
  • Pizza party
  • Donut days
  • Drawing for lunch 
    with executive
  • Coffee bar
  • BBQ contest
  • Popcorn sale  
  • Snack bar

These are just a few ideas. Use your imagination to create your own signature fundraising campaign! Think like a kid. Act like a kid. Have a blast for St. Jude!

Or you can make a donation to help us continue our lifesaving mission.

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