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St. Jude Fundraiser
Frequently Asked Questions


Fundraiser FAQs

    • A fundraising website for you to personalize and promote your event
    • A digital fundraising toolkit including fundraising tools and tips
    • Access to the St. Jude support team to answer all of your fundraising questions
  1. Once you register, you will be able to access your St. Jude fundraising toolkit here

  2. There is no registration fee to host a St. Jude event and all donated funds directly benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

  3. We cannot send you a digital copy of our logo, but we do ask that you state that your event is "benefitting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital." You are not authorized to use St. Jude logos to create any event or fundraising materials without the express written permission of St. Jude.

  4. St. Jude cannot provide shirts or giveaways, but those who register to host a fundraiser will receive an online fundraising page, fundraising toolkit and fundraising support staff to help answer questions. One-of-a-kind official St. Jude gifts and products can be purchased at the gift shop.

Ways to make your fundraising event successful

  1. Many companies have matching gift programs. Ask your HR department if your event is eligible to receive matching funds.

  2. You can reduce costs by asking local businesses to give materials or sponsor your event. The cost per dollar raised of your event should not exceed 30%.

  3. Checks should be made out directly to “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.” To receive credit for your checks or offline donations on your online fundraising page, upload your checks via your fundraising center after logging in.

  4. Donors who give with checks payable to “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital” and/or through your St. Jude fundraising page may receive a letter from St. Jude acknowledging their donation that can be used for tax purposes.

Event coordinator guidelines

    • Event expenses St. Jude will not reimburse you for the purchase of goods for your event. No goods or services may be charged to or billed to St. Jude for any reason. The tax-exempt status of St. Jude may not be used to purchase items for your fundraising event.
    • Coordinating any promotional advertising
    • Clearly communicating to donors if you are deducting expenses before sending net proceeds to St. Jude
    • Clearly conveying and representing that St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a beneficiary, not the host or party responsible for the event. “St. Jude” should not be used as the event title; rather, the event should be promoted as an event to benefit St. Jude (i.e. “XYZ Golf Tournament to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital”).
    • Obtaining all applicable permits, licenses and insurance certificates
    • Identifying any sponsor
    • Safeguarding donations made to benefit St. Jude and promptly sending donations to St. Jude
    • Sell tickets
    • Recruit sponsors
    • Reach out to celebrities to attend or support your event
    • Reach out to patients to attend or support your event
    • Promote your event on St. Jude social media pages
    • Promote or endorse any third-party cause, idea, political campaign, website, product or service
    • Provide donation receipts for tax purposes unless donations are received directly by St. Jude (under most circumstances; please contact St. Jude if you have questions)
    • Create your own materials using St. Jude trademarks, such as the St. Jude logo
    • Imply or state that St. Jude is the host, sponsor or endorser of your event
    • Establish or create a bank or holding account using the St. Jude name
    • Solicit donations from the public at stores, gas stations, side-of-the-road collections, door-to-door, or via telemarketing, direct mail or vending machines
    • Provide donation receipts for tax purposes on behalf of St. Jude
    • Represent that you are an employee of St. Jude, if you are not
    • Represent that all funds raised will be coming to St. Jude if a portion will be used to cover the expenses of the event
    • Create domain names, webpages (other than your registered fundraising page), or social media profiles/accounts using the name “St. Jude
    • Create your own nonprofit organization using the St. Jude® name and trademarks, such as the St. Jude logo
    • Long-distance or point-to-point endurance events and/or record-setting endurance events
    • Events requiring the acquisition, use or solicitation of St. Jude donors, vendors, partners, or employees
    • Events using professional fundraising organizations
    • Events based on cause-marketing campaigns or promotions, apparel sales, or percentage of sales
    • Political events
    • Events that involve gambling, tobacco companies or products, drugs, hate speech, firearms, sexual content, or the over-indulgence or irresponsible consumption of alcohol
    • Any fundraising event, activity or materials that do not align with the mission of St. Jude
    • Raffles/drawings where individuals purchase a chance to win a prize are governed by a variety of state and federal laws. Due to the complexities of these legal requirements, we strongly discourage third parties from conducting raffle/drawing fundraising. Applying for any kind of charitable raffle or charitable gaming permit using the St. Jude name is prohibited
    • St. Jude reserves the right to terminate its relationship with any participant at any time for any reason
    • St. Jude assumes no legal or financial liability for third-party events.
    • Monetary donations made payable and submitted to St. Jude are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law
    • In no event shall St. Jude be liable to you or any third party for special, incidental, punitive or consequential damages
    • You acknowledge that you are hosting a fundraising event to benefit St. Jude as a third-party, independent event, at your own risk and that you will hold St. Jude, its agents and representatives harmless from any liability resulting from any injury, damage or loss suffered at the event

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