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St. Jude and Tri Delta partnership logos.

Since 1999, Tri Delta has raised more than $84 million to support St. Jude patients and their families.


A unique partnership

In 2014, Tri Delta set the ambitious goal of raising $60 million by 2024 – which they met in 2022. This is the single largest commitment ever completed by a St. Jude partner to date. In honor of this momentous pledge, St. Jude named its on-campus, short-term housing facility Tri Delta Place.


Tri Delta member Callie fundraises for St. Jude to honor the memory of her sister Mary Jo.

I knew that I wanted to be a Tri Delta when I came to college so that I could advocate for the other kids of St. Jude.

- Callie Dietsch

Tri Deltas are dedicated to helping children live, scientists learn and St. Jude further its mission of finding cures for childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

  1. Tri Delta patient care floor with Tri Delta logo design on the hallway floor.

    November 1999 – Tri Delta officially adopted St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as its national philanthropic partner.

  2. Patients playing pool, watching TV and eating in the St. Jude teen room.

    In 2005, a year earlier than expected, Tri Delta raised $1 million to endow the hospital's teen rooms.

    The teen rooms at St. Jude are where teenage patients can go spend time with friends their age during treatment.

  3. The Tri Delta wall in a the hospital hallway at St. Jude.

    In 2006, Tri Delta took on a second commitment to raise $10 million in 10 years to name the patient care floor in the Chili's Care Center.

    In just four years — by May 2010 — Tri Delta met the $10 million fundraising goal.

  4. Two Tri Delta members making the Tri Delta triangle sign with their fingers and standing in front of the hospital.

    In July 2010, Tri Delta announced its third naming commitment, an aggressive challenge to raise $15 million in five years to name the specialty clinic located in the patient care center at St. Jude.

    In just three and a half years, Tri Delta met the $15 million fundraising goal.

  5. The front of the Tri Delta Place building.

    In 2014, Tri Delta committed to raising $60 million in 10 years – the largest single commitment by a St. Jude partner. This commitment was completed in 2022, two years ahead of schedule.

    In honor of this commitment, Tri Delta received recognition on the St. Jude campus with the naming of the short-term housing facility, Tri Delta Place.


Ways to make a difference


Coordinate a Sincerely Yours letter writing campaign

Each year, Tri Delta raises $3.3 million on average through the letter writing campaign, Sincerely Yours. Whether in-person or digitally, work with your St. Jude representative to get started. 

Tri Delta member holding envelopes.

Host a virtual St. Jude No More Cancer Rally

Engage with friends, family and social media followers by hosting a virtual St. Jude No More Cancer Rally

A cell phone with a donation page on the screen.

Raise funds, earn a bag and patches

  • Raise $100 or more and earn a crossbody bag and patch
  • Raise $250 or more and earn three additional patches
Black crossbody bag.
Tri Delta patches that include a cloud surrounding hearts, a cloud around the moon and the Tri Delta Place building.

Design with St. Jude in mind

Downloadable co-branded resources are available for you at! Visit today to request access and unlock fundraising tools such as videos, social media templates and more. 

A student looking at a laptop.

Help Tri Delta continue to make St. Jude a home away from home


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