Gifts that pay you income


Charitable gift annuities

Charitable gift annuities may interest you if you want to make a significant gift to charity and you:

  • Want to receive fixed payments for life that will not fluctuate.
  • Have assets that would be advantageous to give away during your lifetime, such as cash or funds earning low interest rates, or appreciated securities.
  • Want to reduce your current income taxes with an income tax charitable deduction.

You transfer cash or securities to St. Jude. St. Jude pays you, or up to two annuitants you name, a lifetime annuity. The principal passes to St. Jude when the contract ends.


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How do gift annuities work?

Charitable gift annuity

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Charitable remainder trusts

Charitable remainder trusts allow you to irrevocably transfer assets, and you and/or your beneficiaries receive payments from the trust for life, or another time period of your choice. The remainder of the trust then goes to St. Jude.

There are two types of charitable remainder trusts:

  • A Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT) pays a fixed dollar amount to income beneficiaries for life or a term of years, regardless of market conditions. The CRAT cannot accept additional gifts after it has been established.
  • A Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT) pays the income beneficiaries a fixed percentage rate for life or a term of years. The annual income amount is based on the current value of the trust's assets, so the payout will increase or decrease based on changes in the trust's value.

How do remainder trusts work?

Charitable remainder trust

Our charitable remainder trust calculators can help you estimate your fixed or variable payments:

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