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St. Jude Values

At St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, we strive to live out our core values every day. These seven principles guide us in our behaviors and decisions, ultimately empowering every employee to deliver on our mission — finding cures and saving children.


Value 1

Always recognize that advancing treatment for children with catastrophic diseases is at the center of everything we do.

This is why we exist. It’s what we do.

Honoree Spotlight

Sylvia Miranda

Sylvia Miranda, PharmD​

Interpreter Services

Sylvia goes beyond language translation to help Spanish-speaking families navigate complex medical information and acclimate to the hospital environment. She assists families from diverse backgrounds, showing her commitment to enhancing the patient experience.


Value 2

Do what is right; take ownership of what you do.

We know what is right. It’s up to us to own our actions — and do what is right.

Honoree Spotlight

Tasha Richards

Tasha Richards

Office of Quality and Patient Safety

To protect vulnerable patients from infections like Clostridioides difficile, Tasha implements hand hygiene strategies and tests automated monitoring systems. Her efforts protect the children of St. Jude from harm.


Value 3

Work with purpose and urgency — your efforts matter.

Every role in our institution contributes to our mission. Every moment, every decision and every idea matter.

Honoree Spotlight

Tanuja Coletta

Tanuja Coletta

Human Resources

By organizing and communicating important employee programs and events, Tanuja ensures faculty and staff receive information efficiently and effectively — from Judestock to Workday.


Value 4

Embrace the challenge to create a new tomorrow.

Every person on our campus has something to contribute to our mission. Even during change and growth, keep sight of the power you have to influence and ignite the work around you.

Honoree Spotlight

Jared Andrews, PhD​

Jared Andrews, PhD​

Developmental Neurobiology

Jared, a senior bioinformatics research scientist, led BioHackathon events to engage budding scientists, establish scientific collaborations and attract talent to St. Jude. Jared's efforts continue to grow the institution's leadership in data science.


Value 5

Work collaboratively and help others to succeed.

True success doesn’t happen on an individual basis. It requires all of us supporting and inspiring one another to reach new heights.

Honoree Spotlight

Cornelius "CJ" Johnson​

Cornelius "CJ" Johnson​

Information Services

CJ ensures the smooth operation of virtual meetings, enabling staff members to communicate effectively and advance the mission of the hospital.


Value 6

Always be respectful of your coworkers, our patients and their families, and visitors to our campus.

We share St. Jude with the world. This includes the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and journey of every person who is a part of our campus. We are inclusive and we realize that we are stronger when all are valued.

Honoree Spotlight

Anna DeVine

Anna DeVine

​ Oncology

To promote diversity and inclusion at St. Jude, Anna co-chairs the People Respecting Individuality Diversity and Equality (PRIDE) employee resource group, helps organize Pride Month celebrations and ensures LGBTQ+ events are successful and open to all employees.


Value 7

Make the most of St. Jude resources, and be mindful of those who provided them.

The support for our institution is incredible. It allows us to charge into frontiers that others can only imagine. And it’s possible because of tens of thousands of people who trust us to be good stewards of their donations. We must be diligent to make their contributions count in every way possible.

Honoree Spotlight

Anna DeVine

Christina Bradley

Financial Planning

As the vice president of financial planning, Christina demonstrated a hands-on approach and effective leadership through a recent major software launch. She sets an example of open, inclusive leadership.


Living Our Values

These St. Jude employees represent a group of 40 individuals who uphold the values in their work every day.

Learn about our most recent values honorees.

Dr. Downing

The history of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is written with stories of hope, purpose and the pursuit of excellence. Authored by a diverse and growing community of more than 6,000 employees, we are united by a noble mission and guided by a set of values.

Every day, I see faculty and staff who live our seven core values. The St. Jude Values shape our culture and propel our institution toward a brighter future.

James R. Downing, MD
President and Chief Executive Officer