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FY22-27 St. Jude Strategic Plan Milestones

A little more than a year ago, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital announced the creation of its 2022–27 strategic plan. This bold commitment outlines a plan to accelerate progress in the laboratory, in the clinic and around the globe. Since then, we’ve made gains across the plan’s five focus areas—fundamental science; childhood cancer; pediatric catastrophic diseases; global impact; and infrastructure, talent and culture. Based on what we’ve accomplished in the past year alone, the future is bright with possibilities.


Focus on Fundamental Science

Exploring an endless frontier of possibility

J. Paul Taylor, MD, PhD
  • The 625,000 square-foot Inspiration4 Advanced Research Center opened to provide laboratory, office and collaborative spaces for more than 1,000 scientists and administrative staff.
  • Top investigator J. Paul Taylor, MD, PhD, was appointed scientific director to guide the institution’s basic science programs and related research efforts.

Focus on Childhood Cancer

Creating a brighter future for children today and generations to come

Path to a Bright Future - HPV logo
  • The institution’s first dedicated clinical trials management system launched, uniting the St. Jude research community under one data platform to manage clinicals trials.
  • The St. Jude HPV Cancer Prevention Program launched Path to a Bright Future, a national public awareness campaign to bring attention to the need for and benefits of receiving on-time human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination to prevent cancer.

Focus on Childhood Catastrophic Diseases

Giving new hope to children with catastrophic diseases

  • St. Jude opened a telehealth hematology clinic in Tupelo, Mississippi, to increase access to care for patients in that region. The move bridges care for scores of patients who live in an area with limited hematology services.
  • The recently established Center for Experimental Neurotherapeutics enrolled its first patient in the DEVOTE clinical trial, the first interventional study for spinal muscular atrophy at St. Jude.

Focus on Global Impact

Moving science and medicine beyond borders and boundaries

Family from Ukraine walks down airplane steps
  • St. Jude Global announced a partnership with World Health Organization to create a first-of-its-kind platform that will provide pediatric cancer medicines at no cost to participating countries. The Global Platform for Access to Childhood Cancer Medicines represents a $200 million investment by St. Jude during the next five years. 
  • St. Jude Global supported children with cancer in Ukraine during the country’s invasion, leading evacuation efforts that helped more than 1,100 patients.
  • The Global Pediatric Medicine Research Core strengthened infrastructure to launch international clinical trials.

Focus on a Culture of Excellence

Building a culture, workforce and environment that speeds cures for children

STEMM Students
  • Collective teams of scientists gathered on campus for the inaugural Joint Meeting of the St. Jude Research Collaboratives to share innovative ideas and connect with a cross-section of the institution’s researchers.
  • Programs such as the High School and College Research Immersion Program and the Women in Leadership and Learning program launched to create a more inclusive career pipeline in the health and science fields.
  • Construction on the Family Commons and The Domino’s Village moved forward.

Selected scientific and medical publications

Emerging from FY22-27 St. Jude Strategic Plan