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ALSAC/St. Jude Boards
of Directors and Governors


The role of the ALSAC/St. Jude Boards of Directors and Governors is to:

  • govern our organizations by establishing broad policies and objectives
  • select, appoint, support, and review the performance of the chief executive officers
  • insure the availability of adequate financial resources
  • approve annual budgets and strategic planning
  • account for the ethics, compliance, and performance of the organizations
    • Judy A. Habib
      • Chair

      Judy A. Habib joined the ALSAC/St. Jude Boards in 1994, recusing herself for two years in 2004 and 2005 to support the Thomas family in launching St. Jude’s Thanks and Giving campaign, and is the Chair of the ALSAC Board of Directors.

      Ms. Habib is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of KHJ Brand Activation, which has been recognized by the Boston Globe and Boston Business Journal as one of the top-ranked marketing agencies and woman-led companies in the region. 

      Ms. Habib also serves on the board of directors of the Massachusetts Women’s Forum and the board of trustees of Ursuline Academy.

      She is proud to be in the second generation of her family’s service: her father, Halim G. Habib, MD, served on the ALSAC/St. Jude Boards from 1964 to 1993 and on the Emeritus Board from 1993 to 2009.

    • Terry Burman

      Terry Burman


      • Chair

      Terry L. Burman joined the ALSAC/St. Jude Boards in 2004 and is the Chair of the St. Jude Board of Governors.  Previously, Mr. Burman was the Chair of the St. Jude Board of Governors from 2013 to 2015.  He was Chief Executive Officer and a director of Signet Jewelers Ltd. and Chairman of Sterling Jewelers Inc., a subsidiary of Signet.  Mr. Burman also currently serves on the boards of Tuesday Morning (Chairman), Abercrombie and Fitch, Learning Care Group, and on the board of trustees of the Norman Rockwell Museum.  He formerly served on the boards of Zale Corporation, Yankee Candle Company, Caesars World Inc., Barry’s Jewelers Inc., and Unimax Inc., as well as several charities and non-profits.  Mr. Burman has been honored for his service and leadership by numerous organizations in the jewelry industry and has received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor award.  He graduated from the University of Southern California.

  1. Board

    • Joyce A. Aboussie
      St. Louis, MO
    • Susan Mack Aguillard, MD
      Memphis, TN
    • Joseph S. Ayoub Jr.
      Boston, MA
    • Paul J. Ayoub
      Boston, MA
    • Frederick M. Azar, MD
      Memphis, TN
    • James B. Barkate
      Gretna, LA
    • Martha Perine Beard
      Memphis, TN
    • Sheryl A. Bourisk
      Ashland, MA
    • Robert A. Breit, MD
      Northbrook, IL
    • Terry L. Burman
      Lenox, MA
    • Ann M. Danner
      Lake Forest, IL
    • Joseph M. DeVivo
      Goleta, CA
    • Fred P. Gattas III, PharmD
      St. Charles, MO
    • Ruth C. Gaviria
      New York, NY
    • Christopher B. George, MD
      Tampa, FL
    • Judy A. Habib
      Boston, MA
    • Gabriel G. Haddad, MD
      San Diego, CA
    • Paul K. Hajar
      Norwood, MA
    • Charles C. Hajjar
      Milton, MA
    • Fouad M. Hajjar, MD
      Orlando, FL
    • Frederick R. Harris Jr., MD
      Memphis, TN
    • Bruce B. Hopkins
      Memphis, TN
    • J. David Karam II
      Columbus, OH
    • Sharon L. McCollam
      Chicago, IL
    • Michael D. McCoy
      Peoria, IL
    • Robert T. Molinet
      Memphis, TN
    • Ramzi N. Nuwayhid
      Boston, MA
    • Thomas J. Penn III
      Los Angeles, CA
    • Christina M. Rashid
      Chicago, IL
    • Camille F. Sarrouf Jr.
      Boston, MA
    • Joseph C. Shaker
      Oak Park, IL
    • Joseph G. Shaker
      Oak Park, IL
    • George A. Simon II
      Detroit, MI
    • Michael C. Simon
      Chicago, IL
    • Tony Thomas
      North Hollywood, CA
    • Richard M. Unes
      Peoria, IL
    • Paul H. Wein
      Guilderland, NY
    • Susan R. Windham-Bannister
      Carlisle, MA
    • Tama H. Zaydon
      Coconut Grove, FL


    ESA Representative

    • LeAnn Wray
      Brighton, MI



    • Thomas G. Abraham
      Coral Gables, FL
    • Mahir R. Awdeh, MD
      Memphis, TN
    • Jack A. Belz
      Memphis, TN
    • Stephen J. Camer, MD
      Dedham, MA
    • Leslie S. Dale
      Memphis, TN
    • George Elias, Jr.
      Miami Beach, FL
    • Hasan M. Elkhatib
      Westmont, IL
    • Fred P. Gattas Jr.
      Memphis, TN
    • Sam F. Hamra
      Springfield, MO
    • Frederick R. Harris
      Memphis, TN
    • Theodore Hazer
      Omaha, NE
    • Richard J. Karam
      San Antonio, TX
    • James A. Kinney
      Memphis, TN
    • Salli E. Le Van
      Roswell, GA
    • Donald G. Mack, MD
      Shreveport, LA
    • Paul J. Marcus
      Boston, MA
    • James O. Naifeh
      Covington, TN 
    • Talat M. Othman
      Marion, IA
    • Manal B. Saab
      Flint, MI
    • Frederick W. Smith
      Memphis, TN
    • Ronald A. Terry
      Memphis, TN
    • Terre Thomas
      Culver City, CA
    • Pat Kerr Tigrett
      Memphis, TN
    • Thomas C. Wertz
      Locust Grove, VA
    • Robert P. Younes, MD
      Potomac, MD
    • Ramzi T. Younis, MD
      Miami, FL



  • James R. Downing, MD
    • President and Chief Executive Officer, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
    • Director, Molecular Pathology Laboratory
  • Richard C. Shadyac Jr.
    • President & Chief Executive Officer, ALSAC


Chief Governance Officer

  • Leah J. Domitrovic

    Leah J. Domitrovic


Standing committees

( / 12 )

Audit & Compliance Committee

The primary function is to oversee all material financial audit functions, legal and compliance functions, internal audit functions, and enterprise risk management functions, and to liaise and encourage open communication between ALSAC/St. Jude, the Board, and ALSAC/St. Jude’s independent auditors.

Building Committee

Its primary function is to provide oversight for the planning, interior and exterior design, budgeting, schedule/duration, construction contract methodology and construction of ALSAC and St. Jude facilities.

Compensation Committee

The primary function is to assist the Boards of Directors and Governors in fulfilling their oversight responsibilities by articulating and implementing the compensation philosophy for executives at St. Jude and ALSAC.

Conflict of Interest Committee

The primary function is to advise and assist St. Jude and ALSAC in maintaining high ethical standards and complying with applicable laws related to conflicts of interest and oversee conflict of interest issues of officers, directors, and certain covered employees.

Finance Committee

Oversee the financial affairs of ALSAC and St. Jude including:

The development and implementation of sound fiscal policies and management practices, of ALSAC and St. Jude both individually and on a consolidated basis; and

The annual and strategic/long-range budgeting process of ALSAC and St. Jude.

Approve and monitor the annual budgeted revenues and expenses, operational and capital, of ALSAC and St. Jude as well as the financial strategic plans of ALSAC and St. Jude.

Governance Committee

The primary function is to identify, evaluate and recommend best practices of governance that will enhance the effectiveness of the Board and assist the Board in developing, monitoring, and evaluating the Board’s governance policies and procedures.

Investment Committee

The committee’s primary functions are the formulation, implementation and ongoing oversight of those coherent policies designed to best serve the long-term financial objectives of the institution.

Marketing Committee

Support efforts to ensure that marketing and outreach efforts at ALSAC and St. Jude are well integrated from both a strategic planning and implementation standpoint, and reflect one voice in reinforcing our brand positioning.

Membership Committee

The purpose of the committee is to develop and administer a membership selection and evaluation process for initial appointment and subsequent reappointment to ensure that the Board will be comprised of a broad range of competencies, diversity and expertise to ensure its effectiveness.

Nominating Committee

Reviews all board members of both ALSAC and St. Jude so that appropriate nominations are made by the committee for recommending officers to the Boards.

Quality & Patient Care Committee

The committee performs due diligence for the Board of Governors to provide oversight of the performance of patient care by the clinical staff, and to serve as liaison to the Board for all issues that deal with the care of patients, and the safety of patients’ families and staff. The Quality & Patient Care Committee has a responsibility to report to the Board the quality of care rendered by all health care providers at the institution, and all programs to improve care.

Strategic Planning Committee

Develops and leads a process by which the Board and Management of ALSAC and St. Jude arrive at a shared vision of what the institutions should be in 10-20 years, including broad operating and financial parameters, and to begin a process of which we plan for and achieve that shared vision.