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St. Jude Leadership


St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, has a senior management team of core, key decision-makers, along with a larger executive committee focused on making the best decisions for the good of hospital patients and employees.

  • James R. Downing, MD
    • President and Chief Executive Officer, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • Ellis J. Neufeld, MD, PhD
    • Executive Vice President
    • Clinical Director
    • Physician-in-Chief
  • J. Paul Taylor, MD, PhD
    • Executive Vice President
    • Scientific Director
    • Chair, Cell & Molecular Biology Department
    • Director, Pediatric Translational Neuroscience Initiative
  • Pat Keel, FHFMA
    • Executive Vice President
    • Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
  • Charles W. M. Roberts, MD, PhD
    • Executive Vice President
    • Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, MD

    Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, MD


    • Executive Vice President
    • Chair, Department of Global Pediatric Medicine
    • Director, St. Jude Global
    • Co-Associate Director, Outreach, Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • M. Madan Babu, PhD, FRSC
    • Chief Data Scientist and Senior Vice President for Data Science
  • Dana Bottenfield

    Dana Bottenfield


    • Senior Vice President, Human Resources
  • Christopher Calabrese, PhD
    • Senior Vice President
    • Deputy Director of the Scientific Director's Office
  • Shari Capers

    Shari Capers


    • Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning & Decision Support
  • Catherine Corbin, AIA
    • Senior Vice President and Chief Business Innovation Officer
  • Sarah Currie, RNC, MSN, NEA-BC

    Sarah Currie, RNC, MSN, NEA-BC


    • Senior Vice President
    • Chief Nursing Executive
  • Robyn Diaz, JD
    • Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer
  • Jose Fernandez

    Jose Fernandez


    • Senior Vice President, Campus Operations & Design and Construction
  • Elizabeth Fox, MD, MS
    • Senior Vice President, Clinical Trials Research
    • Associate Director for Clinical Research, Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Terrence Geiger, MD, PhD
    • Senior Vice President and Deputy Director for Academic and Biomedical Operations
    • Interim Chair, Department of Immunology
  •  Colette Hendricks

    Colette Hendricks


    • Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations
  • James M. Hoffman, PharmD, MS
    • Senior Vice President, Quality and Safety
    • Chief Patient Safety Officer
  • Lisa Jordan, MS, MBA
    • Senior Vice President, Technology Commercialization
  • Keith Perry, MBA

    Keith Perry, MBA


    • Senior Vice President
    • Chief Information Officer
  • Virgil Holder

    Virgil Holder


    • Vice President, Chief of Staff
  • Diane Roberts

    Diane Roberts


    • Vice President, Strategic Communication, Education & Outreach
  • Lori Robertson

    Lori Spicer Robertson


    • Vice President
    • Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
  • Brandon Triplett, MD
    • Deputy Clinical Director

Executive Committee