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St. Jude supporter Della

Sharing a birthday with St. Jude


Five-year-old Della has spent nearly one-third of her life supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She'll celebrate her sixth birthday on Feb. 4 — the same day St. Jude opened its doors in 1962. She wants to mark the occasion by continuing to help the hospital she loves.


It’s not every day you turn 6 years old

When Della learned that her birthday was the same day St. Jude opened its doors — Feb. 4 — she wanted to make it special.

Della and her mom, Diana, will be making charms and bath bombs — as many as they can — to give away and to ask for donations to Della’s favorite charity: St. Jude.

St. Jude supporter Della and her mom

I’m really proud that (supporting St. Jude is) something she loves.

- Diana, Della's mom


'Who’s this girl?'

Diana, and her husband, Gino, have been giving to St. Jude for the past 10 years. Della was 4 when she began her support. She saw a St. Jude mailing with a picture of a little girl. Her curiosity sparked. “Della picked it up and said, ‘Who’s this girl? Tell me about her,’” her mom recalled.

Della’s parents told her the little girl’s name — which happened to be the same name as one of Della’s friends. They told her the little girl was at St. Jude — a hospital for children — trying to beat a terrible disease. Della’s sense of compassion kicked in. “She wanted to write that girl a letter. She wanted to draw that girl a picture,” Diana said.


Della began donating the small allowance her mother would give her for little chores around the house to help the girls and boys of St. Jude.

Supporter Della donates her allowance to St. Jude

Each month, Della would send in her coins in an envelope adorned with the child’s name and stickers. “She would send $1.35 or $2 or 80 cents sometimes,” her mom said.


She brought in her quarters and pennies and put them in an envelope. It was so cute because it was something she wanted to do.

- Diana, Della's mom

St. Jude supporter Della and her mom
Supporter Della writes letters to St. Jude patients

Della now gets her own mail from St. Jude, which includes return labels, stickers and notepads that come just for her. 


Birthday surprise

As a supporter, she also receives her own calendar. When the 2020 calendar arrived, Della did as many 5-year-olds would: she looked for her birthday. And in the date box of Feb. 4, she read: St. Jude opened (1962).

“She couldn’t believe it was the same day,” Diana said. After learning that she and St. Jude shared a birthday, Della’s connection with the hospital became more personal.

St. Jude supporter Della
St. Jude supporter Della and her mom

We’ve (donated) for 10 years … and the fact that she’s picked it up as something she cares about on her own has made me really proud.

- Diana, Della's mom


In honor of St. Jude Founder's Day, you can join Della and others in supporting the lifesaving mission of St. Jude:
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