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Journey to the Jude: Hamda Khan, Hematology, Pakistan

June 14, 2023

The Journey to the Jude series highlights the journeys of employees from their homelands to working at St. Jude.

Hamda Khan is in Hematology at St. Jude

Hamda Khan

By Sasha Steinberg

“What fascinates me about becoming a member of the St. Jude family?”

This is a question Hamda Khan pondered after listening to a friend passionately discuss her work at the renowned children’s hospital.

St. Jude focuses on providing the best care to kids who are at the highest risk and creating a diverse world of opportunities for its employees. Being from a culturally diverse background, I was intrigued by the idea of working at a place that ensures that equitable care is provided to each patient regardless of their background and financial status,” said Khan, whose own journey across different cultures started in her birthplace of Pakistan.

There, Khan worked with diverse people and learned how to fluently speak four languages.

Those experiences taught Khan how to appreciate individuality, understand the significance of cultural values and ethics, and be aware and empathetic of issues facing different communities.

Khan’s passion for helping others strengthened when she started working at St. Jude in 2018. She is part of the Clinical Trial Management team in Hematology, where she coordinates, manages and ensures smooth facilitation of clinical trials, from study activation and enrollment of participants to study completion. 

As a medical anthropologist, Khan studies various social determinants that contribute to the health of patients with chronic illnesses. She also enjoys being a part of the Women and Allies Resource Group (WARG) and Cultural Resource Development Working Group (CRDWG) to create an inclusive workplace that celebrates the contributions of all employees.​​​

“I observed patients and their families experiencing the same feelings of depression and loneliness here in the U.S. as in Pakistan, even though they are thousands of miles away and belong to different communities and cultures. Seeing young patients, especially children, fighting for their lives motivated me to be a health care professional and inspiration to those in need,” Khan said.

“Through my continued work at St. Jude, I hope to understand and address the diverse health needs of different patient populations and fulfill my dream of working to improve global health.”

I belong to a family of artists, so doing arts and crafts is in my genes. My CTM family has honored me with the title of “The Resident Card Maker” as I make cards and crafts to honor the milestone celebrations and contributions of our team members who work tirelessly to support the hospital’s goal of finding cures and saving children.

Hamda Khan

Birthday card
Thank you card
Good luck card
Get well soon

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