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St. Jude patient Abraham holds a framed photo of himself from when he was in treatment.

St. Jude patient Abraham

red stars artwork by St. Jude patient Ty

Abraham gets his strength from his family

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Star artwork by St. Jude patient Ty


As a parent, you spend your whole life trying to keep your children from getting hurt. It broke my heart. It made me so scared for him.

- Abraham's mom

In February 2018, Abraham’s right eye temporarily turned inward. The eye doctor said it was probably muscle weakness, which is common at that age. But Abraham started having headaches in the morning and would sometimes throw up. Even watching TV made the little boy’s head hurt. 

A CT scan finally revealed the cause of Abraham’s issues: he had a mass on his brain, identified as a cancerous brain tumor called a medulloblastoma. 

Abraham underwent months of treatment, including radiation therapy and chemotherapy, at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

St. Jude patient Abraham smiling with his mom, dad, sister and teddy bear.

St. Jude patient Abraham with his parents and sister when he was in treatment at St. Jude in 2019. He now has a younger brother as well.

red stars art by St. Jude patient Ty

Abraham has always been happy engaging in activities like painting and piecing together puzzles.

He likes the artistic side very much.

- Abraham's father

St. Jude patient Abraham with teddy bear in hand, looking up smiling.

St. Jude patient Abraham in 2019 while he was in treatment at St. Jude.

St. Jude patient Abraham, his parents and his siblings pose.

Abraham and his family in 2023.


Abraham, who is now 9 and cancer free, returns to St. Jude for regular checkups. He enjoys fishing with his dad.

Every experience at St. Jude, you feel loved. St. Jude has given us hope, love and a home away from home.

- Abraham's mother

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Families, like Abraham's, will never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food — so they can focus on helping their child live.


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St. Jude patient Abraham smiling with arms crossed
red stars artwork by St. Jude patient Ty

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