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Nova, paciente de St. Jude, con un moño en el pelo y sonriendo.

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If you’re 7 years old, meeting a celebrity could be the greatest moment of your young life. But when St. Jude patient Bailey met musician and Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale, it was the celebrity who said, “I learned from her.”

Bailey and Lucy first met seven years ago: Lucy was touring St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital after the release of her album, and Bailey was being treated for kidney cancer for the third time.

Bailey’s celebrity friend was the St. Jude ambassador for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in 2018.  And she got an unexpected chance to catch up with Bailey during a recent visit to the hospital. Hale was recording a video for her St. Jude campaign when 11-year-old Bailey emerged on the set as a surprise.

“I’m gonna start crying,” Hale said, embracing Bailey. “Oh my gosh, you’re so beautiful.”

St. Jude video

Watch patient Bailey surprise actress Lucy Hale in 2018.


A lot has happened for Bailey since 2014.  Three occurrences with Wilms tumor, the first in 2012, kept her busy with treatment at St. Jude. Spending all her time fighting cancer meant she missed kindergarten through the second grade in a regular school.

But Bailey kept up with her studies at the St. Jude School. Talking physics with her grandfather became a favorite pastime.  She went to public school for the first time on the first day of third grade, and she gained two new siblings: her brother, Davis, and sister, Ruby.

Cancer didn’t keep Bailey from a varied list of pursuits, like making art, playing percussion and learning to bake.

Now, Bailey is in the ninth grade. She still likes art and science, but has added Netflix and Marvel comics to her list of interests. Her latest scans from St. Jude show that cancer continues to be in her rear view.


Bailey was excited and anxious to surprise Lucy, who’d also had a busy four years with a new TV show, Life Sentence, and multiple movies under her belt. Her reaction to seeing Bailey again?

It’s just amazing, once again, what St. Jude can do. This made my year, to see you.

St. Jude Childhood Cancer Awareness Month ambassador Lucy Hale, of patient Bailey

Lucy Hale and patient Bailey in 2014

Actress Lucy Hale and St. Jude patient Bailey in 2014

lucy hale and bailey

Lucy Hale and Bailey in 2018

Join St. Jude and Lucy Hale in September to help patients, like Bailey, during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Let’s end childhood cancer. Together.


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