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St. Jude patient Krew held by his father.

Krew is a trooper

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Krew is his parents’ pride and joy. He never meets a stranger — with his friendly smile and welcoming wave — and loves to make others laugh as he jumps and plays.

Krew’s parents often describe him as a trooper.

St. Jude patient Krew with his mother and father.

What started out as a seemingly innocent bump on the head brought Krew’s family to their local hospital. At first, doctors thought the bump on Krew’s head might be a reaction to a mosquito bite. When it didn’t go away after antibiotics, doctors at another hospital thought it might just be a birthmark.

Eventually, bloodwork revealed the heartbreaking truth: Krew was diagnosed with leukemia at just 7 months old.

St. Jude patient Krew held high by his father.

After being referred to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Krew and his family arrived in the middle of the night and were met by caring St. Jude employees, ready to get to work saving this sweet boy’s life.


Because of generous donors like you, families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food.


Krew’s mom said, “I’m speechless – it’s just crazy St. Jude is saving all these kids, and these families will never have to worry about a bill from St. Jude.”


Your donation helps give kids like Krew the chance to grow up.

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