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St. Jude patient Misheel smiles as she sits in a sea of balloons.

St. Jude patient Misheel

St. Jude patient Misheel with her mom, walking around the halls of St. Jude with balloon animals.

St. Jude patient Misheel with her mom, Undrakh


Misheel's story

Misheel had a t-shirt made that reads “Thank You St. Jude For Healing Me” on the front, and “I’m Professor Misheel, Please Ask Me For A Balloon” on the back.

While receiving cancer treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Misheel carried a bag bursting with colorful balloon figures that she created to distribute to other patients, doctors and nurses.


I know that I always can’t be happy, so when I’m feeling down, I like to make others happy. I just like to see their smiles.

St. Jude patient Misheel

St. Jude patient Misheel holding a balloon creation while sitting on a hospital bed.
St. Jude patient Misheel poses with her mom.

Misheel was diagnosed with a mixed germ cell brain tumor in July 2023. “I felt really sad, and I kind of felt mad at myself. I thought it was because of something I did, but later on they told me that there’s no reason for it,” said Misheel. “It just is.”


Misheel was referred to St. Jude, where she received treatment that included chemotherapy and radiation therapy. She found it to be a really special place.

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St. Jude patient Misheel getting ready for a CT scan.

Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food — so they can focus on helping their child live.

St. Jude patient Misheel  making a hand heart gesture

St. Jude, they heal you. They don’t ask for any money. They pay for what you’re eating. They give you a place to stay. And everyone’s so nice.

St. Jude patient Misheel


Misheel herself contributed to that positivity by brightening people’s days with her balloon art.

Misheel’s other talents include gymnastics, singing and ballet. She has now completed treatment and returned home.

St. Jude patient Misheel practicing her ventriloquist skills.

St. Jude patient Misheel with her puppet

St. Jude patient Misheel stands and smiles with her parents.

St. Jude patient Misheel with her parents


When you support St. Jude, you can help make cures possible for kids with cancer, like Misheel. Together, we can save more lives.

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