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Dr. Matthew W. Wilson, MD

Ocular Oncology Fellowship


St. Jude Ocular Oncology fellows have the rare opportunity to gain experience in the diagnosis and management of ocular tumors in both pediatric and adult patients. Fellows will divide their time between St. Jude and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center's Hamilton Eye Institute and will undertake a clinical or translational research project of their own design centered on either adult or pediatric care.

As a fellow, you will:

  • Examine approximately 100 new uveal melanoma patients and 30 new retinoblastoma patients per year
  • Cultivate a greater depth of knowledge regarding the use of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the treatment of ocular cancer
  • Collaborate with faculty in multidisciplinary teams including oncology, radiation oncology and global medicine
  • Have access to a breadth of educational resources at both St. Jude and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, including Grand Rounds, other CME activities and lectures and journal clubs

This one-year fellowship offers fellows extensive exposure to the nuances of ocular oncology by providing access to a variety of pediatric and adult patient cases.


Eligible applicants will have completed residency training in ophthalmology.

To Apply

This program participates in the SF Match for Ophthalmology. Visit