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Clinical Fellows Benefits

As a clinical fellow at St. Jude, you will receive the same benefits as the employees of the hospital, plus additional perks. These benefits begin on day one of your employment with St. Jude.

Basic benefits include:

Competitive salary

St. Jude clinical fellows receive highly competitive stipends that are above the national average, as reported by the Association of Medical Colleges and National Institutes of Health. All fellows are compensated based on a uniform salary scale and receive annual salary increases. Additionally, fellows receive an annual bonus.

  1. At St. Jude, we are committed to the health and well-being of our employees. We offer several benefits that cater to your mental, emotional and physical well-being as well as teaching you about appropriate work-life balance.

    Living Well Center

    The Living Well Center is a free, on-campus gym open to all employees 24/7. Learn more about what is offered at Living Well.

    Clinic and Pharmacy

    St. Jude also has an on-campus pharmacy and clinic that provides employees with a wide range of primary care services. Learn more about the Pharmacy.

    Resilience Center

    Caring for children with catastrophic diseases can be rewarding. It can also present physical, mental and emotional challenges for health care staff. The Resilience Center was formed in 2016 to provide employees with an ongoing system of support during stressful times. The Center offers several programs, including:

    • Resilience In Stressful Events (RISE) -- a program that offers immediate, free and confidential peer support to team members who are affected by stressful patient-related events. Fellows can join the RISE team as a peer responder.
    • Code Lavender -- a cart stocked with stress-relief products provided to health care providers during times of heightened stress or difficult work situations
    • Schwartz Rounds -- a multidisciplinary forum open to all employees to discuss difficult emotional or social issues that arise when caring for patients
    • Employee Assistance Program – free professional counseling with trained counselors that is available to all employees

    Spiritual Care Services

    St. Jude’s Spiritual Care Services employs five full-time chaplains who provide support for patients and staff who practice different religious faiths. When you think of chaplains, you probably think of religion. But chaplains promote the health of the human spirit for all people, so being religious isn’t required. A wounded, tired or lonely spirit can be the source of many professional and personal problems, and Spiritual Care Services can help. A chaplain can listen and support you individually, talk with a group of St. Jude employees, and provide confidential counseling, encouragement and ongoing support.

    • Shared Resources and Core Facilities
    • Biomedical Library, open 24 hours a day
    • Systems-based seminars
    • Biostatistics journal club
    • Clinical Fellows Research Symposium
    • Continuing Medical Education (CME) that includes:
      • Grand Rounds
      • Pain Management/Controlled Substance Prescribing
      • Clinical Faculty Development Series
      • Morbidity & Mortality/Quality Improvement series
      • Patient Safety series
    • $2,500 annual professional development allowance (used for travel, journal subscriptions[AA1]  and other professional uses)
    • Annual Clinical Fellows Research Symposium, which includes keynote talk, small-group breakout sessions and poster presentations
    • Regular meetings of interdisciplinary professional and scientific/clinical development programs, including Grand Rounds, Systems-Based Seminars and Hematology-Oncology/Infectious Diseases/Biostatistics Journal Club
    • Membership on the Clinical Fellows Council and the opportunity to help plan the annual Clinical Fellows Research Symposium, Clinical Fellows Appreciation Week, clinical fellow retreats and year-end graduation activities
    • Laptop computer
  2. The St. Jude Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is an extraordinary academic institution at one of the world’s premier research and treatment centers for pediatric cancer and other catastrophic childhood diseases. Clinical fellows may obtain a graduate degree while completing a fellowship in one of two programs:

    Master of Science in Clinical Investigations

    • Two-year interdisciplinary degree
    • Provides students the necessarily skills to development and implement new clinical research and to critically appraise the clinical research of others
    • St. Jude clinical fellows will receive a full tuition scholarship of $20,000 annually to cover the cost of the program

    PhD in Biomedical Sciences

    • Research undertaken as part of a clinical fellowship can lead to a PhD
    • Clinical fellows who are PhD students will spend year 1 on their clinical fellowship, year 2 on their PhD coursework, years 3 and 4 finishing up their clinical fellowship, and in year 5 will work towards completion of the PhD
    • St. Jude clinical fellows will receive a full tuition scholarship of $20,000 annually to cover the cost of the program
  3. The Office of Quality and Patient Care (OQPC) is committed to enhancing quality and patient safety across all care settings. Our mission requires close collaboration and coordination among multiple disciplines, as well as respectful and considerate interaction with families and caregivers. The office works with front-line clinicians to continuously improve the care that we provide every day. The office includes Patient Safety, Quality Management (including Medical Staff Services), Infection Prevention and Control, Accreditation and Regulatory Readiness, and Clinical Effectiveness and Analytics.

    Through the OQPC, clinical fellows can join any of about a dozen open QI projects and earn Maintenance of Certification practice improvement credits. Projects align with organizational priorities such as communication, efficiency, and patient safety.

    The office sponsors a monthly Improvement Science Workshop, designed for employees who are involved in QI and are interested in publishing their QI projects. Attendees of the workshops will learn about quality improvement projects taking place across the institution and their outcomes, connect with fellow St. Jude employees to share best practices and learn new methodologies, and how to package your project for a public presentation, poster, or journal article.

    The OQPC has a dedicated Quality Management team of professionals who offer formal education and certification to St. Jude employees in process improvement methodologies. The team is available to work one-on-one with St. Jude employees on a specific process improvement need. They also offer classes in Lean Six Sigma and project management.