K-12 Education Outreach


St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital offers a variety of engaging educational programs and resources for elementary, middle and high school students and teachers. We also offer freely available teaching resources, such as online lesson plans, loan kits, an e-newsletter and podcasts.

Our K-12 education programs center on clinical and science outreach, service, and volunteer opportunities.

Online tools and resources

  1. The Cure4Kids for Teachers website offers free resources for teaching the science of cancer and healthy living. Resources include videos, books, lesson plans, lab activities, worksheets and quizzes. Some items are available in a variety of languages.

    Topics can be tailored for grade levels from elementary school through high school. Areas of focus include cancer education, genes and genetics, health-related fitness, nutrition and sun exposure.

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  2. This fun podcast makes science real for students by sharing casual conversations between St. Jude postdoctoral researchers, their colleagues and world-renowned scientists from St. Jude and other institutions. Most episodes are between 10 to 20 minutes long and targeted toward middle and high school students.

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In your K-12 classroom

  1. St. Jude volunteers, including educators and researchers, are available to visit local K-12 classrooms and libraries through the St. Jude Science Ambassadors program. Visitors talk with students about the science of cancer, healthy living and careers in research. They can also help conduct lab experiments or interactive teaching sessions. Available only for the Memphis area.

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  2. The Cancer Education in the Classroom loan kit program provides cancer-related lessons with hands-on activities that combine teaching strategies from across the academic disciplines. The program’s goal is to generate deep learning that is standards-backed, reality-based and personally relevant. Loan kits are available free of charge, but are limited to schools in the Memphis area.

    Each kit contains a teacher's curriculum guide and all materials necessary for completing the lessons and activities. You may also request that a St. Jude educator visit your classroom and teach or assist with kit activities.

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  3. Each April, St. Jude Science Ambassadors bring fun, interactive science camps to Memphis-area schools and libraries to recognize National DNA Day. The day commemorates the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the discovery of the DNA double helix in 1953.

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K-12 education opportunities at St. Jude

  1. Memphis-area high school students may apply to participate in the annual Science Scholars of Tomorrow Symposium, a day-long event held at St. Jude each spring. The program is designed to ignite an interest in research careers. Students and their teachers learn about the latest St. Jude discoveries, interact with faculty and other scientists, and tour working laboratories and clinics.

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  2. This two-week, service-oriented summer program helps teen students explore possible career paths while working closely with St. Jude patients and families. Volunteens organize activities for patients and siblings, develop leadership and team-building skills, and build relationships with hospital staff. They also learn about the key contributions of St. Jude in treating children with cancer and other diseases.

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  3. The Clinical Observer in Clinical Settings program is a one- to two-day shadowing experience designed to help high school students, undergraduates and others explore an interest in nursing or medical careers.

    Students join St. Jude nursing staff during their clinical duties, observing the unique St. Jude approach to patient care. Nursing staff members share insights into nursing careers, including opportunities offered by St. Jude.

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  4. St. Jude occasionally hosts workshops for local science educators. Check the Cure4Kids for Teachers website for more details.

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