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Science Scholars of Tomorrow Parent Permission

Parent/Guardian Permission Statement:

I give permission for my child  (“Scholar”) to participate in the St. Jude Science Scholars of Tomorrow Program at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on March 2, 2017. I agree and will ensure that my child agrees to comply with the policies and restrictions listed in this Permission Statement while on the St. Jude campus. I understand the following:

  • A scholar’s participation in the program is voluntary and by invitation only. This invitation is non-transferrable and does not extend to siblings and parents. 
  • Scholars may not leave campus during the program unless St. Jude program personnel are notified by the teacher or a guardian and the scholar does not intend to return for the remainder of the program.
  • For the safety of our patients and scholars, all scholars must remain with their group, accompanied by a St. Jude staff member, at all times and scholars must depart campus immediately upon conclusion of the program.
  • Scholars must abide by all policies, rules, and regulations of St. Jude.
  • Scholars may not make or receive telephone calls during active programming (e.g. during a scientific talk or tour).
  • For privacy purposes, no photos or videos are allowed of patients and families. Photographs will be limited to specified areas and must not include patients or patient families in the frame of the photograph. Scholars agree not to post or distribute, and must immediately delete, a photograph if he or she inadvertently includes a patient or patient family anywhere in the photo. Scholars also agree to delete photos or videos if it is requested by a St. Jude staff member.
  • Social media applications may only be used according to the guidelines in your program information.
  • St. Jude is not responsible for transporting the scholar to or from the St. Jude campus for this event. All vehicles that enter the campus for this event must display a program parking pass and be checked in by a security guard at the entrance. Photo identification may be required. Only invited scholars and teachers may remain on campus during the program.
  • Scholars may be exposed to sickness, disease, and risk normally associated with hospitals, healthcare, and research. Scholar agrees to assume all such risks. St. Jude is a pediatric hospital and does not have an emergency department. If a Scholar has a medical emergency, he or she will be taken to the hospital with an emergency department closest to St. Jude.
  • The activities of each scholar are supervised at all times by a designated St. Jude employee or agent. St. Jude  reserves the right to demand that a scholar withdraw from the program upon the scholar’s failure to follow any rules or regulations contained in St. Jude’s institutional polices and guidelines you will be given upon arrival at St. Jude, or if the scholar poses an immediate threat or danger to a St. Jude patient, patient family, or employee. Reasons for such demand for withdrawal will be provided to the scholar and the parent in writing.
  • Scholar and parent(s)/guardian(s) agree that he or she, and his or her heirs and personal representatives, release, discharge, hold harmless and indemnify St. Jude and its officers, directors, trustees, employees, and agents, from and against claims, demands, actions, or causes of action, suits, judgments, or expenses that may arise from negligence or intentional misconduct on the part of the scholar.