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Patient art shines through collaboration with Carnival Cruise Line

Installations inspired by St. Jude patient artwork set sail on Carnival Cruise ships.

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Imagery of art installation pieces for the Carnival Mardi Gras

St. Jude patient Bridget with the Carnival Cruise installation inspired by her artwork


Ship coming soon


Carnival is proud to showcase St. Jude patient-inspired art installations on their ships. Since 2010, Carnival Cruise Lines has raised more than $29 million for St. Jude kids. 


We are excited that we will have this [art] as a constant reminder of our support for St. Jude to the hundreds of thousands of guests who will sail on the Mardi Gras each and every year.

Christine Duffy, Carnival Cruise Line president

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Carnival Celebration features art by St. Jude patient Bridget

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Bridget's original artwork (left) and the installation on the Carnival ship inspired by her artwork (right)


While fish are usually found in the sea, one special fish has place on board a gleaming new vessel — the Carnival Celebration.

Meet St. Jude patient Bridget.


At St. Jude, art therapy is often part of our patients' treatment plan while they are battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases.


The Carnival Mardi Gras features art by St. Jude patients Camila, Cooper, Boston and Tayde


St. Jude patient Camila's drawing of flowers inspired the swaying flower garden experience on the ship Mardi Gras

Flowers artwork by St. Jude patient Camila

Camila's original artwork

Image of the Flowers art installation

Carnival's ship installation inspired by Camila's artwork


Read Carnival's tribute to St. Jude patient Cooper, whose painting inspired the friendly sea turtles installation.

Turtles artwork by St. Jude patient Cooper

Cooper's original artwork

Image of the Turtles art installation

Carnival's ship installation inspired by Cooper's artwork


Meet St. Jude patient Boston, whose painting of a sunset inspired this sparkling installation.

Sunset artwork by St. Jude patient Boston

Boston's original artwork

Image of the Sunset art installation

Carnival's ship installation inspired by Boston's artwork


St. Jude patient and cancer survivor Tayde's sailboat painting inspired the sequin sailboats at sea.

Sailboat artwork by St. Jude survivor Tayde

Tayde's original artwork

Image of the Sailboats art installation

Carnival's ship installation inspired by Tayde's artwork


The installations were created by Youngblood Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, where St. Jude is located, in collaboration with St. Jude and Carnival.

Installations inspired by St. Jude patient art

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Rainbow artwork by St. Jude patient Clayton

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St. Jude patient at a Carnival event

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Carnival Cruise Mardi Gras ship.

Carnival Cruise Mardi Gras Ship

As the Official Celebration Partner of St. Jude, Carnival is devoted to putting the fun at the center of everything they do — and what better way to express the fun and creativity of St. Jude patients than through their patient art, reminding guests that when they help St. Jude, they are helping kids be kids.

As a proud partner, Carnival's gift to St. Jude families is the gift of quality time, artistic expression and helping to ensure that families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food.

Carnival Cruise Line Celebration Ship

Carnival Cruise Celebration Ship

Carnival Cruise Line unveiled its newest ship, Carnival Celebration, in Miami in 2022. The new ship features a sculpture of a multi-colored fish inspired by an original piece of art created by St. Jude patient Bridget.

This is the second Carnival ship to feature a statue based on patient art and brought to life by artist Tylur French. French’s latest installment is an interpretation of a painted fish created by 11-year-old Bridget, who was treated at St. Jude for bone cancer. Thanks to the lifesaving treatments developed at St. Jude, Bridget rides horses, plays basketball, and swims. Bridget was among those present at the ship’s unveiling and had the chance to see the statue her art inspired.