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Core components of St. Jude Collegiate Events

Ensuring the executive board and leadership team are trained is a core component.

Executive board/leadership team recruitment and training

Understanding event, team and individual fundraising expectations is a core component.

Event, team and individual fundraising expectations

Teaching you how to plan and activate an event is a core component.

Activation and event planning retreat

Teaching you how to plan virtual and on-campus is a core component.

On-campus and/or virtual event planning

Teaching you recruiting and activation strategies is a core component.

Recruitment and activation strategy

Teaching you how to spread awareness and education about the St. Jude mission is a core component.

Spreading awareness and education about the St. Jude mission: Finding cures. Saving children.®


How it works

Women talking to each other at fundraising event.

Register your campus St. Jude fundraising event as an individual or with a team.

Women sitting at a table conversing at a fundraising event.

Fundraise for St. Jude.

College student chanting at a fundraising event.

Celebrate your hard work.

College students holding their badges at a fundraising event.

Interested in supporting an event that's already happening? Take a look at the list of campus fundraisers.


Design with St. Jude in mind

Fundraising is easy with our downloadable resources.

Downloadable co-branded resources are available for you at! Request access today and unlock customizable fundraising tools such as videos, social media templates and more.

Have questions? Email your St. Jude Representative or to get started today!


Raise funds. Earn prizes.

Because the majority of St. Jude funding comes from generous donors, St. Jude has the freedom to focus on what matters most—saving kids regardless of their financial situation. Every dollar make a difference.


Raise $100 and earn an exclusive St. Jude T-shirt!

Make your money matter. At St. Jude, $100 could help cover two-thirds of the cost of physical therapy.* Your support helps ensure families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food.

This year, raise $100 and earn your St. Jude T-shirt!


*When you make a donation using this information, your donation will be used to provide breakthrough research, treatment and cures. Items listed here are representative of services and supplies that are part of the treatment and care of children at St. Jude. The cost of each item or service is an approximation, and will vary based on actual costs incurred and individual patient needs. Your donation will be used for the general operating needs of St. Jude, where no family ever receives a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food.


Your impact: Meet St. Jude patient Avyan

It’s not uncommon to feel like your kid is growing up too fast. In Avyan’s case, however, the cause of his “growing pains” was very uncommon: a rare case of Ewing sarcoma in the brain, discovered shortly after he turned 10. Following surgery, he was referred to St. Jude for additional treatment, including chemotherapy. 

Avyan’s mom has been stunned by how convenient everything is made for families at St. Jude, with so many clinics and services under one roof; and Avyan has greatly benefited from Child Life in particular. But most of all, said his mom, there are no words to describe what it is to focus on your baby and let St. Jude do the rest. Avyan has now completed treatment and is back at home. He enjoys Legos, learning about space and hanging out with the family dog, Astro.

St. Jude patient Avyan smiling.

St. Jude patient Avyan


Are you ready?

Take a look at the list below and select a campus to register for your event.

Look at the list of colleges and universities to find the St. Jude fundraiser on your campus.

Collegiate Events locations

St. Jude fundraising for students, by students

Every year, college students across the country help support the St. Jude mission: Finding cures. Saving children.® The fundraising event on your campus will directly impact St. Jude patients and families. 

At St. Jude, we share our discoveries to help doctors and scientists at local hospitals, clinics and cancer centers around the world treat childhood cancer. When you support St. Jude, you help improve the quality of care for children everywhere.


More ways to help St. Jude kids

College students cheering at a No More Cancer Rally.

No More Cancer Rally
Gather your friends for an exciting fundraising party to help St. Jude continue to find cures for childhood cancer.

Sorority participant walking with a group at the St. Jude Walk/Run.

Fundraising ideas for college students
Make a difference in the lives of kids with cancer by fundraising for St. Jude on your college campus.