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Email Disclaimer

These disclaimers apply to the original message, any attachments, and all subsequent messages or attachments sent by or on behalf of St. Jude.

When you email St. Jude, you consent to St. Jude monitoring and reading emails for security and for legal compliance.

If you are not the intended recipient for this email, please accept our apologies.  Please do not read, copy or distribute it.  Instead, notify the sender as soon as possible and then delete it.

This message and any attachments may be protected by the attorney/client or work product privileges. 

Patient-related information received by you in an email from St. Jude must be treated confidentially and handled in accordance with HIPAA and other federal and state medical privacy laws.

Nothing in this message constitutes an offer, warranty, or representation from St. Jude or its affiliates, nor does it create a customer, client, physician-patient, or attorney-client relationship.  Only authorized St. Jude officers are entitled to conclude agreements, express opinions, or otherwise contract on behalf of St. Jude or its affiliates.  Any agreement, contract, or opinion will be binding on St. Jude only when it is recorded in writing in a letter or document signed by an authorized St. Jude officer in accordance with St. Jude policy.  Any reliance you place or action you take on information in or attached to this email is entirely at your own risk.

If verification of this email or an attachment to it is required, please request a hard-copy version.

Any opinion or other information in this email or its attachments that is not related to the business of St. Jude is personal to the sender, is not given or endorsed by St. Jude or its affiliates, and has been sent outside the sender's scope of employment with St. Jude.

St. Jude takes reasonable steps to ensure that outgoing emails and attachments do not contain malicious software; however, if you are concerned about the safety of this transmission, please carry out virus checks or any other checks you feel appropriate.

Email is transmitted over a public network and can be misaddressed, intercepted, and forged. Please contact if you suspect this email has been amended or if you have questions about or wish to verify the email you have received from St. Jude.  Do not rely on the contents of any St. Jude email attachment placed by a third party.

All St. Jude emails are subject to U.S. Copyright laws.  No part of any email or attachment should be reproduced, adapted, or communicated without the written consent of St. Jude.