Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination coverage remains below the Healthy People 2030 goal of 80%. Urgent action is necessary to spread awareness of HPV vaccination and its effectiveness at preventing cancer.

The St. Jude Children's Research Hospital HPV Cancer Prevention Program launched a public awareness campaign to spotlight the benefits of on-time HPV vaccination to prevent cancer in children ages 9–12. The campaign will also elevate awareness of the dangers of HPV pre-cancers and cancers.  

The “Path to a Bright Future” campaign unites medical and public health experts, along with HPV cancer survivors and parents—all committed to raising awareness in their communities.  

Join Us on the Path to a Bright Future

  • Get your child vaccinated against HPV by their 13th birthday: If you or your child is in the recommended age range (ages 9–26 and possibly until age 45), get vaccinated.
  • Encourage others to get their children vaccinated: Normalize HPV vaccination as cancer prevention.
  • Share the facts: HPV vaccination is safe, effective and durable. It prevents 6 types of cancer.

With the Path to a Bright Future campaign, the St. Jude HPV Prevention Program and campaign partners aim to dramatically improve on-time HPV vaccination rates by everyone’s 13th birthday. This will reduce the threat of HPV cancers later in life.  

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