Data and visualization tools

The rate of growth of biological and medical data will continue to accelerate during the coming decade. Effectively managing, integrating, and exploring these data to generate new knowledge requires specialized expertise and innovative technology. St. Jude freely shares the data generated, and visualization tools engineered, with the global scientific community.

Shared resources and core facilities 

St. Jude has over 20 core facilities and research resources that provide expertise and cutting-edge technologies to support collaborative work across the institution. The scientists and technologists who staff the facilities can serve as expert hands, consultants, in-depth trainers, or full collaborators in the development of new approaches. These shared resources expand capabilities, accelerate research and foster innovation.

Image of hand holding lab samples

Translational innovation

St. Jude inspires, cultivates, and promotes barrier-breaking research and discovery. Through the creation of collaborative consortia and investment in leading-edge technologies, St. Jude tackles the most complex challenges in science and medicine. 

St. Jude Scientific Milestones

More than half a century ago, entertainer Danny Thomas envisioned a hospital that would care for children regardless of race, color, creed, or their family’s ability to pay. He recognized that scientific research and discovery would create the foundation to help treat children facing catastrophic diseases. Since St. Jude opened its doors on February 4, 1962, it has become one of the world’s premier pediatric research institutions. Explore the scientific milestones that have marked our progress from that day to now.

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A Gallery of Pioneers

In the Danny Thomas Research Center atrium, a curated collection of commissioned portraits adorns the walls. These depictions immortalize notable figures like St. Jude founder Danny Thomas, visionary directors, accomplished CEOs, and iconic St. Jude clinicians and scientists. The portrait gallery stands as a living tribute to their impactful legacies, collectively forming a masterpiece that vividly portrays the rich tapestry of St. Jude's past and present.

A bronze bust of Danny Thomas in front of a collection of hanging flags.