About Progress

St. Jude Progress team

Scientific advances make the mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital possible every day. St. Jude Progress tells these stories from laboratories across the institution’s research enterprise. Progress uses narrative storytelling to explain the science behind key discoveries, share what makes St. Jude unique among research institutions and provide access to St. Jude employees (from graduate students all the way to the CEO) as they share their perspectives on innovation and discovery. 

Like every aspect of St. Jude, Progress is guided by the institution’s Strategic Plan 2022-2027. Editorial decisions for Progress are aligned with the Strategic goals laid out in the plan and fall into several categories: 

  • Focus on Fundamental Science (Research & St. Jude On)
  • Focus on Childhood Cancer (Clinical)
  • Focus on Childhood Catastrophic Diseases (Research & St. Jude On)
  • Focus on Global Impact (Outreach)
  • Focus on People and Place (Investigator Insights)

Progress is where readers can find the story of science at St. Jude, told in a compelling and engaging way. For more information about St. Jude Progress, email scicomm@stjude.org.