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St. Jude patient Gabby, age 2, kidney cancer

Meet Gabby

Gabby is a toddler from Jamaica with a bright personality. When tests showed that Gabby could have a cancerous tumor, her mom turned to St. Jude for help.

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When Gabby was still an infant, her mom, Francena, noticed a lump growing in her abdomen. Alarmed, Francena took Gabby to her pediatrician, who confirmed that a lump was growing on Gabby’s right kidney.

The little girl underwent additional testing at a local hospital in Jamaica, where her family lives. The results suggested Gabby may have a cancerous tumor. Francena began researching the best hospitals in the United States, and decided that St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital was the best place for Gabby’s care.

Francena and Gabby traveled from Jamaica to Memphis in August 2014. It was confirmed at St. Jude that Gabby suffered from Wilms tumor, a type of kidney cancer.

Her treatment included chemotherapy and surgery on both her kidneys to remove tumors. Gabby is now finished with treatment and back home in Jamaica. She returns to St. Jude every three months for checkups.

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She is fun to be around and will always brighten your day with her smile.

Francena, Gabby's mom

Gabby is a loving 2 year old, full of life. “She is fun to be around and will always brighten your day with her smile,” Francena said. One of Gabby’s favorite things is her play kitchen. She loves to have tea parties, dance around and push her tiny shopping cart.

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