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St. Jude patient Jamarcus smiling outside while looking at the sky.

Jamarcus is smart and goal-oriented

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In 2021, Jamarcus started having an upset stomach, headaches and vision problems.

He was fitted for glasses, but on a second visit, the eye doctor saw fluid behind Jamarcus’s eye and sent him straight to the children’s hospital.

St. Jude patient Jamarcus smiling in front of a white studio background.

Jamarcus was diagnosed with a type of brain cancer called medulloblastoma.

At first, he felt sad and depressed, but now he says he’s doing okay with the situation. His mom describes him as uplifted.

St. Jude patient Jamarcus smiling outside.

It's tough, but you can get through it. It’s a roller coaster, but you’ll eventually get over the hump.

— Jamarcus, St. Jude patient

After brain surgery, Jamarcus arrived at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


Families, like Jamarcus', will never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food.

St. Jude patient Jamarcus being hugged by his mom outside.

At St. Jude, he received chemotherapy and proton therapy, which allows doctors to aim high-dose radiation at cancer cells while sparing healthy cells.

St. Jude patient Jamarcus wearing a gray shirt while being hugged by his mom in front of a white studio background.

As a result of his brain tumor, Jamarcus is now legally blind and attends a school for the blind.

Smart and goal-oriented, he has aspirations that include getting a dog, going to college, owning a successful business and eventually being President of the United States.


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