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St. Jude patient Luxe smiling while in a hospital bed.

St. Jude patient Luxe at St. Jude in 2020


As a kindergartener, Luxe’s legs became covered in bruises and stayed black and blue. Granted, she was an active child, but before long, she even had tiny bruises around her eyes. Her parents took her to the doctor.

Luxe was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia.

Her parents were told to imagine her bone marrow as a factory that had shut down production; her body was, essentially, making no blood products. She was referred to St. Jude and was receiving daily blood transfusions as her care team readied her for a bone marrow transplant with her brother as her donor.


In April 2022, Luxe’s bone marrow started failing again. She returned to St. Jude for a second transplant, this time from an unrelated donor.

St. Jude has been our savior,” said her mom, Meagan. “When your child gets a diagnosis, things get dark."

St. Jude patient Luxe smiling with her mom
A circle icon with a slash over a dollar sign, which indicates families never receive a bill.

Families, like Luxe's, will never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food — so they can focus on helping their child live.


When you know there's a place that is constantly researching and coming up with new treatments and new breakthroughs, it gives you that hope. I feel like we're going to see some pretty remarkable things come from it.

- Luxe's mom, Meagan

St. Jude patient Luxe smiling while her mother gives her a kiss..
St. Jude patient Rinoa at St. Jude

Her mom describes Luxe as a force with “CEO energy.” She loves pink and glitter and princesses, and her ambitions include owning a cat café.


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