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Video of St. Jude patient Mia.

Mia steals the heart of everyone she meets, including those at St. Jude

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Mia's dream is to be a princess when she grows up.

And like her favorite princess, Snow White, she is cheerful and friendly, always showing affection to those around her.

St. Jude patient Mia smiling in a blue dress

Mia steals the heart of everyone who meets her. She leaves her mark wherever she goes; she always leaves that love for others. She’s a treasure.

Mia's mom, Valentina


Families, like Mia's, will never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food.

St. Jude patient Mia smiling with her mom

Mia also has an independent streak and a strength of will that has helped her face up to some very difficult challenges.

  1. St. Jude patient Mia in her baptism dress

    Mia in her baptism dress

    One day, after running and playing in the park, Mia had some unusual cramps in her leg. 

    The cause was neurological; Mia had a cancerous brain tumor called anaplastic ependymoma.

    St. Jude patient Mia taking a selfie with her mom

    “My world came crashing down,” says her dad, Jorge. “The first thing my wife said to me was, ‘We’re going to fight.’ We would fight to the very end.”

    St. Jude patient Mia in a hospital bed at St. Jude

    After undergoing surgery in her home country of Nicaragua, Mia was referred to St. Jude where she received proton therapy as part of her treatment.

    St. Jude patient Mia with her sister and parents

    Mia with her sister and parents in 2019

    St. Jude has given us everything. The flight from Nicaragua, our meals, housing, medicine, treatment, everything we need. We haven’t had to pay for a thing. It's a dream come true.

    Mia's mom, Valentina

    St. Jude patient Mia in her beachwear

    Mia loves to do puzzles and play with Lego and dolls, her favorite being Snow White.

    And in spite of everything, her mom says that Mia has never stopped smiling.

    St. Jude patient Mia at her kindergarten graduation

    Mia dressed for her kindergarten graduation at St. Jude in 2019

    “With everything she has been through, she has never lost her joy, her enthusiasm, her will to keep going, her dreams,” says her mom. “She’s always talking about tomorrow.”


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