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Living Well

Helping You Live Your Best Life

Health is central to St. Jude’s mission, and we are proud to support the employees of St. Jude, ALSAC and the Children’s GMP in their efforts to lead more healthy lifestyles. The employee wellness program—including the new Living Well Center— is focused on five core areas: Getting Active; Eating Healthy; Preventing Illness/Injury; Balancing Work/Family; and Coping with Stress.

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Hours / location; FAQs / eligibility; events / programs, class schedules, dress code

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Community Resources

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Flu shots; ergonomic at work; tobacco cessation

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Mental and Emotional Health Services

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Resources, information and tools; login required


Research has shown that workplaces with wellness programs have employees who are more productive at work. I can honestly say, that since implementing the Wellness program for our employees, there has been a significant increase in motivation and positive attitudes, just to name a few. I have staff members that began utilizing the wellness center 30-45 minutes nearly a year ago. And sometimes they work out during their lunch break. Not only has this given them more energy; but, it has also made them feel more valued with our company. Employees who experience these positive changes and benefits will often feel more loyal to the company and are more grateful for the company’s commitment to their health. As a manager, I decided that I will lead by example, and I now work out at the wellness center.

- Satisfied St. Jude employee