St. Jude patients Kenlie and Jaycee

Meet Kenlie & Jaycee

Kenlie and Jaycee have a lot in common — they attend the same school and love to make up dance routines and joke around. And they’re both fighting cancer at St. Jude.

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Whenever Kenlie and Jaycee are together, they’re inseparable – whether it’s back home, where they attend the same school, or at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where they’re both patients. They’re outgoing, affectionate girls who love to make up dance routines and laugh and joke together.

Kenlie hasn’t let a long battle with cancer slow her down. She was found to suffer from synovial sarcoma, a cancer of the soft tissue and joints, when she was just a baby. She’s been a patient at St. Jude since she was 2 years old.

Her cancer has returned twice in that time. Kenlie’s treatment over the years has included surgery, brachytherapy, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

In June 2015, after Jaycee was found to suffer from a brain tumor called medulloblastoma, she came to St. Jude for treatment — and was happy to see a familiar face in Kenlie. Jaycee’s treatment at St. Jude will include radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

The girls have different diagnoses, but they’ve still come together to help each other out.

Jaycee's mom

When Jaycee first arrived at St. Jude, Kenlie presented her with a teddy bear named Grouchy Bear, so Jaycee had someone she could confide in on rough days.

“The girls have different diagnoses,” said Jaycee’s mom, “but they’ve still come together to help each other out.”

Editor’s Note: We regret to inform you that Kenlie passed away in July 2017.

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